OMG! M&S Is Selling A Caramilk Cream Liqueur

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When it comes to flavoured cream liqueurs, there's a whole lot out there. You can get everything from apple pie and white chocolate, to espresso martini (just to name a few).

But now, to add to that delicious-tasting selection of cream liqueurs, M&S has only gone and launched a Golden Blond Chocolate Cream Liqueur. And you know what flavour that is, right? Caramilk, people. It's a Caramilk Cream Liqueur.

Spotted on Instagram via Kev's Snack Reviews, a bottle will set you back just £12.

Delicious over lots of ice, this is the ultimate after-dinner treat. And with Christmas just months away (yep, I said it), we can't think of a better time to start rounding up the festive bev options.

And it looks like we're not the only ones impressed by Marks & Spencer's latest offering. Fans have been going wild for the new liqueur commenting on Kev's post with, "I bought this yesterday - super sweet, but super good" and "NO WAY!"

Marks & Spencer's Golden Blonde Chocolate Cream Liqueur is available to buy in-stores now for just £12 a bottle.

If Marks & Spencer's Golden Blonde Chocolate Cream Liqueur wasn't enough, you can get the stuff in spread form too... A-huh, we're talking about a Caramilk-inspired chocolate spread that you can slather on your toast, stir into your porridge or smother on your pancakes. Insane, right?

Well, it'll only set you back £3 a jar.

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