OMG! This New Flavour Of KitKat Is White Chocolate And Caramilk

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OMG! This New Flavour Of KitKat Is White Chocolate And Caramilk

KitKat is one of the finest chocolate bars out there – and we won’t be told otherwise, okay, so save it.

One of our favourite things about these iconic chocolate bars is the numerous flavours they come in. There are Biscoff KitKats, strawberry KitKats, Nutella KitKats and even zebra flavoured KitKats (well, not exactly zebra flavoured, but you know what we mean…). And that’s before we even get into the many flavours of KitKat Chunky bars there are out there. How does a popcorn KitKat Chunky strike you? Or maybe a mint Aero KitKat Chunky hybrid might be more up your street? Or even a Caramilk KitKat Chunky? Well, if now we’re speaking your language, there’s a brand-new KitKat on the market that combines two of our favourite chocolates: white chocolate and caramelised white chocolate.

B&M is currently selling a Caramel Crisp flavoured KitKat, and not only does it look delicious, it’s also absolutely huge!

The bar is made up your classic KitKat wafers, which are laid on white chocolate, then the whole things is smothered in Caramilk-inspired caramelised white chocolate.

Now, if this bad boy doesn’t get you all riled up, then we simply don’t know what will.

You can pick up the Caramel Crisp KitKats from B&M stores now. So what are you waiting for – get going already!

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