Olympic Rings Fashion: Winning Colour Block Outfits That’ll Inspire You To Victory

We’re not even halfway through the Olympics but there have already been plenty of inspiring moments for women.

From the ultimate squad goals of the US ‘final five’ gymnastics team to Team Refugee swimmer Yusra Mardini winning her 100m butterfly heat . Competitors have completely lived up to the Olympic motto of ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’.

Most of us will never, ever perform on the greatest stage on earth but that doesn’t mean that you should not feel confident and inspired as you go about your everyday life.

Sometimes the simple things, like a great outfit, can make you feel like you’re top of the medals table. So why not take inspiration for your outfit from the colours seen in the Olympic rings?

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the slightly eccentric sounding founder of the modern Olympics and designer of the rings announced that the symbol was ‘truly an international emblem’. The five rings linking together to suggest the unity of humankind.

According to the NY Times: “The Olympic rings were inaugurated in June 1914, the same month that a bullet felled an archduke and sent the world tumbling into war. It has since become one of the most-recognized logos in the world and a symbol for peace.’

So have a click through our slideshow and carry the spirit of the games though into your everyday life.

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