Olympic mothers talk about how to raise an Olympian

Yahoo Lifestyle

At the heart of Team Mum is 'Raising an Olympian', a series of eight short, documentary-style films looking at how Britain’s 2012 Olympic hopefuls grew up to become world class athletes, told through the memories and anecdotes of their mothers.

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Carol Hoy (mother of Chris), Alison Powell (mother of Jessica Ennis), Kim Tancock (mother of Liam), Alison Rushgrove (mother of Ben), Rose Kwakye (mother of Jeanette), Pauline Pendleton (mother of Victoria), Pat Payne (mother of Kerri-anne) and Pat Radcliffe (mother of Paula) will be sharing the highs and lows of raising a champion, from childhood to success on the world stage.

The films are now live here on Yahoo! Lifestyle Team Mum.