Olly Murs wants to marry Amelia Tank

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Olly Murs credit:Bang Showbiz
Olly Murs credit:Bang Showbiz

Olly Murs plans to marry Amelia Tank.

The 'Heart Skips a Beat' hitmaker has been dating the bodybuilder for two years and he's admitted they are ready to take the "next step" in their relationship as he can't see himself ever dating anyone else.

He said: “If I balls this up, then I’m an idiot because it’s everything I want. Amelia is the person I’ll be with for the rest of my life . . . unless she gets rid of me! You just know, don’t you? And when I found Amelia, I knew this was it.

“We’ll definitely get married at some point and hopefully have a family and a great life. I think we’ve reached a point in our lives where we’re both ready for that next step.

“We love each other and we just want to live our lives together.”

Amelia moved in with Olly shortly before lockdown last year and thinks isolating together has made their relationship even stronger.

She added in a joint interview with The Sun newspaper: “I couldn’t ­imagine being with anyone else now. Lockdown has only made us stronger — we’ve loved being in each other’s company.

“I just adore him, and I think we’ve got that thing where we just want the best for each other.”

The 37-year-old singer views humour and communication as key to making their romance work.

He said: “The core of what we have is laughter. That and communication. We’re both easy-going — there’s no controlling or telling each other what to do.

“We’re best friends as well as lovers and partners and we just love to hang out with each other."

The 'Troublemaker' singer credits Amelia for helping him get into the best shape of his life.

He said: "I’m 37 years of age and this is the best I’ve ever looked. I’ve never had a body like this in my life. Amelia really inspired me to make my body the best it can be. We’d get up in the morning, do a HIIT [high-intensity interval training] session and go for runs together.

"I enjoyed pushing myself, fighting the devil on my shoulder telling me to get in my car and drive to McDonald’s.”

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