Olly Murs reveals incredible two-month body transformation

Olly Murs has given a first glimpse at his impressive body transformation (Getty)
Olly Murs has given a first glimpse at his impressive body transformation (Getty)

Olly Murs has revealed his incredible two month body transformation.

The singer, 35, gave fans a glimpse of his toned physique and recent weight loss in a side-by-side snap shared to Instagram.

“Ain’t bad for 35yr old!” he started the accompanying caption before joking that his new body could see him take up a role as a butler in the buff.

The TV judge went on to explain that he had started his health and fitness journey on 2nd January after revealing he was unhappy with his weight.

He also explained that his size was having a knock-on effect on his health, saying he made a decision to tone up after struggling with his energy levels.

“Grumpy, no energy, sleeping was awful so I made some adjustments and I’m actually buzzing now I’m off to get a McDonald’s,” he wrote.

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Since sharing the images, the TV personality has been flooded with comments from fans congratulating him for his six-week fitness transformation.

“Wow amazing! Wish I had your motivation,” one user wrote.

“Wow! Just goes to prove hard work really does pay off! Not even 2 months between the photos!” another added.

“You look amazing!” another user commented. “Had my first gym session back yesterday after 18 months and you’ve inspired me to get fit again.”

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While Olly didn’t detail exactly how he’d achieved his body transformation, he has shared a picture of him working out in a CrossFit studio.

But what exactly is CrossFit?

According to Daniel Herman, personal trainer and qualified nutrition coach at www.bio-synergy.uk, CrossFit involves daily workouts – known as ‘WODS’ (workouts of the day) – that are a combination of aerobic activity, weight-lifting and gymnastics.

“The fitness regime is practised in more than 10,000 gyms worldwide, and is growing in popularity in the UK with celebs such as Olly Murrs, using it to transform their bodies,” Herman explains.

Typical CrossFit WOD’s include squats, pull-ups, burpees and box jumps, all of which promote lean muscle mass which in turn allows the body to burn fat more efficiently.

“From looking at recent photos of Olly, it is clear that it is having the desired effect, you can see a thickening of the muscle around his chest and shoulders, reduction in body fat and increased muscle in his quads, all of which are associated with this style of training,” Herman explains.

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As well as regularly working out, ‘The Voice’ coach has also spoken about the importance of a healthy diet.

Earlier this month he revealed he had enjoyed a seven week juice cleanse to kickstart his fitness regime: “Surrounded by people all here on a journey ready to Juice cleanse and detox the body for 7days! he wrote alongside an image of him jumping into the air on a trampoline.

“Sounds crazy having no food for 7days but wow just wow! I feel amazing.. I feel alive and why is that... cos the food I was putting into my body made me feel Alive!”

The singer pictured in December 2019 before undergoing his new fitness regime (Getty)
The singer pictured in December 2019 before undergoing his new fitness regime (Getty)

And the 35-year-old former ‘X Factor’ presenter is also a fan of a good plank, previously sharing a video of him undertaking the core workout.

It isn’t the first time Olly has undergone a body transformation. Back in 2015 his personal trainer at the time, Rob Solly, posted an impressive before and after photo of the singer and revealed that the impressive body change came about after just 12 weeks of working out and following a healthy diet.

“This is @ollyofficial after 12 weeks training me with, 3 times a week before the #neverbeenbettertour. Go Olly!” he wrote in the accompanying caption.

As for diet, Olly has previously revealed he can be strict with himself, when wanting to shape up, saying: “When I started to train I just cut out chocolate and anything sugary out of my diet and it just fell off.”