Olivia Wilde responds to Harry Styles marriage rumours

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Olivia Wilde has reacted to rumours that she and Harry Styles have secretly got married.

The couple, who met on the set of Don't Worry Darling in 2020, have been the subject of much speculation over the past few days, with Twitter practically combusting at the thought of the pair having a top-secret wedding.

Now, we did some digging and it appears that the rumour all started with a meme. I mean, doesn't it always?

Earlier this week (15 June 2021), an Instagram meme page (@girlyzar) posted a photo of Life & Style magazine, which had the headline, "Just Married!" next to a snap of Harry and Olivia on a boat. The front cover of the magazine also read,"She [Olivia] can't wait to start a family," and had the following sub-headings:

"Harry designed the $185,000 ring"

"Why her parents DON'T APPROVE"

"The dress, the vows, the tiny ceremony!"

This meme was then shared to Twitter, where people definitely had some thoughts.

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Sharing the picture of the Life & Style magazine, one twitter user wrote, "HARRY STYLES GOT MARRIED???? SOMEONE SAY SIKE RN."

Another person appeared to agree with this sentiment, tweeting, "IS HARRY STYLES ACTUALLY MARRIED OR IS IT JUST A SICK PRANK???, while another added, "Harry Styles proposed to Olivia Wilde in Italy and is now married i’ve lost all hope in life. wtf did i miss?"

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Yep, it's fair to say people are confused. And we don't blame them. So can Olivia shed any light over what's going on?

A video obtained by MailOnline shows Olivia leaving LAX airport on Monday earlier this week. When a member of the paparazzi asks her, "There’s a massive Internet conspiracy that you and Harry are already married. Not true? True?", Olivia responds, saying, "I'm never going to talk to you guys."

The clip has now gone viral on Twitter, with one user commenting, "I feel bad for her imagine how annoying that is."

Photo credit: John Shearer - Getty Images
Photo credit: John Shearer - Getty Images

Olivia previously dated Jason Sudeikis for nine years, and the pair share two children, seven-year-old Otis and four-year-old Daisy. Harry has been previously linked with Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift.

In November 2020, Olivia spoke publicly about Harry for the first time during an interview with Vogue, saying, "To me, he’s very modern, and I hope that this brand of confidence as a male that Harry has—truly devoid of any traces of toxic masculinity—is indicative of his generation and therefore the future of the world."

She continued, "I think he is in many ways championing that, spearheading that. It’s pretty powerful and kind of extraordinary to see someone in his position redefining what it can mean to be a man with confidence."

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