Olivia Wilde on being "torn to shreds" over rumoured Florence Pugh feud

Unless you've been living under a literal rock, you'll have no doubt heard the drama surrounding Don't Worry Darling. In the weeks leading up the movie's much-anticipated release, front-man Harry Styles was accused of spitting on co-star Chris Pine, whilst rumours spread that director Olivia Wilde had clashed with Florence Pugh.

Despite much of the film's cast repeatedly trying to dampen said rumours, the Don't Worry Darling drama continued and now, Wilde herself has commented on her alleged feud with Pugh. "It is shocking to see so many untruths about yourself traded as fact," she told Elle USA during a cover interview.

"Having been a known figure for a while makes me well-equipped to have a Teflon exterior. But it also means that you’re under a different kind of microscope. It’s brought my attention to the media and how it pits women against one another," Wilde said, referencing how she and Pugh have been thrust under the spotlight more so than their male counterparts.

"Florence had a really wise comment that we didn’t sign up for a reality show," the actor slash director went on. "I love that she put it that way, because it's as though the general public feels that if you are making something that you’re selling to the public, you somehow have accepted that your life will be torn to shreds by a pack of wolves. No, that’s actually not part of the job description. Never was."

During the interview, Elle USA's Véronique Hyland notes that Wilde had "nothing but praise" for the woman she was rumoured to have clashed with. "She’s so generous in her acting in every scene. She makes everyone around her better," Wilde said of Pugh.

Speaking about the feud rumours, Wilde previously told Vanity Fair that it is easy to "strip a woman of power by using other women to judge and shame them". The mum-of-two added that instead of encouraging women to tear each other down, we should focus on the "incredible power of women" and "what we’re capable of when we unite".

Pugh is yet to comment on the rumours that she had Wilde clashed, but took to Instagram after the film's release to say how "grateful" she is to have been a part of it.

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