Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John’s kindness was like magic. Sadly she passed away earlier this year in August, 30 years after she was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

In her final months, the Grease actress continued to devote her time to others who were diagnosed with cancer. She was a beacon of hope, support and kindness to them.

Her genuine kindness remains part of the legacy her friends continue to celebrate. Jane Seymour told HELLO!: “I know personally that even at the end she went out of her way to help people that she knew who were going through cancer.

“Even though she was incredibly frail herself. She would actually spend a lot of time, effort and thought and actually pick up the phone and speak to people we both knew who were going through the battle. That was just magic to me.

“That she was passing on her love and her wisdom and her compassion. Yeah, that’s it.”

Cliff Richard also hailed Olivia for giving up so many years of her career to help those with cancer. He wrote in an exclusive tribute shared with HELLO!: “It is a testament to how kind and concerned Livvy was, as she gave up many years of her career to encourage people suffering with cancer… She gave them courage and her support. She touched the hearts of so many people and she will forever have a place in mine.”

It is no surprise that Olivia would make the top of the kind list for many celebs, including her friend Dannii Minogue.

Dannii told HELLO!: “Olivia Newton-John, who I have met quite a few times, would be at the top of my kind list. It is such a sad time at the moment to have lost her, and I know a lot of her family members, and there's no one else that will walk into a room like Olivia.

“It's literally like there was a light inside and she was glowing just with this radiating warmth and love. And she just wanted everyone to be happy and to be kind to people. And I've never seen anything like it.”

During her life, Olivia won the hearts of everyone and personally reached out to so many. When she did an interview in 2019 with CBS Sunday, her kindness touched news anchor Gayle King.

Gayle told HELLO!: “What was so special, we exchanged numbers that night. Olivia would just send me flowers, I was in the garden, I saw this beautiful rose and I thought of you. Just randomly!

“She would send pictures of beautiful flowers. I would say you have no idea this is coming at the best time for me. This is so beautiful. I mean, that’s just how sweet and lovely she was. I couldn’t get over it when she was so kind. I was told that was unusual for her to do.”

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