Olivia Munn is ‘so tired’ after baby son’s ‘first sickness’

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 (Getty Images for Vanity Fair)
(Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

Olivia Munn has revealed she hasn’t slept “since last Wednesday” after dealing with baby Malcolm’s “first sickness”.

The Newsroom actor shared an update on her seven-month-old son’s health on Monday 11 July, revealing that the baby had been suffering from “high fevers” and “explosive poop”.

Munn, who shares her son Malcolm with comedian John Mulaney, took to Instagram to open up about how tired she was.

“Got through our first sickness,” the 42-year-old wrote over a snap of Malcolm laying his head on her shoulder.

“Haven’t properly slept since last Wednesday but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than cuddling my little boy and being covered in his explosive poop.”

In another Instagram Story, Munn shared that Malcolm had been experiencing “high fevers and lots of bodily fluids”.

 (Olivia Munn/Instagram)
(Olivia Munn/Instagram)

“I’m so tired I don’t even wanna [sic] know what I look like without these butterflies and ladybugs over my face,” she added, using a filter over her last Instagram Story.

Munn has been outspoken about her parenthood journey on Instagram and often shares updates with her 2.8m followers.

In June, she revealed that she spilled Malcolm’s baby formula in her suitcase while traveling amid a nationwide formula shortage in the US.

Sharing a photograph of the spilled formula in an open suitcase, she wrote: “When there’s a formula shortage and you open your suitcase to find your carefully packed formula has popped open and half of it is now gone.”

She previously spoke about how much she “depends on formula” to feed her baby, who turned six months old in May.

“It’s so crazy when people say, ‘If you breastfeed you won’t have to worry about the formula shortage’,” she tweeted.

“I have [a] low milk supply, so to keep my baby fed I depend on formula. I wish I could breastfeed so I wouldn’t be panicking about the shortage right now. But I don’t have a choice.”

Munn also praised her postpartum body last month and said she “only has love for it” after carrying and giving birth to Malcolm.

She said: “My body hasn’t snapped back, but it made this little guy so I only have love for it.”

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