Olivia Munn praises her postpartum body six months after giving birth

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Olivia Munn has shared an update about her postpartum body and how she “only has love for it”, six months after giving birth to her and comedian John Mulaney’s son.

Munn, 41, has shared her journey as a new mother on social media since the couple welcomed their first child, Malcolm Hiep, on 24 November.

In her most recent post, which showed her holding Malcolm and swaying back and forth, Munn wrote: “My body hasn’t snapped back, but it made this little guy so I only have love for it.”

Friends and fans of the Violet actor were quick to reassure Munn that she is “beautiful no matter what”.

One person wrote: “The pressure to get our pre-baby bodies back is unrealistic. We’ll never be exactly the same and that’s okay.”

Another said: “Five years later I still haven’t ‘snapped back’ but we made humans and we’re raising them! Nothing more beautiful than that.”

A third added: “I’m postpartum too and it’s just not the priority. If that is the priority then there is a problem!”

However, others were “disappointed” that Munn used the term “snapped back” – which she explained to a fan meant “when your body snaps back to its pre-baby shape after you had the baby”.

“It’s another toxic and demeaning beauty standard that we must – collectively, as women – kill,” one person wrote.

Another said in reply: “Thank you!! I’m disappointed that she’s reinforcing this expectation and standard.”

Earlier this month, Munn shared an Instagram Story showing she had spilled baby formula in her “carefully packed” suitcase while traveling amid the US’ nationwide formula shortage.

She showed her followers a photograph of her open suitcase with two containers of baby formula that had spilled all over the inside of the bag and onto the floor.

“When there’s a formula shortage and you open your suitcase to find your carefully packed formula has popped open and half of it is now gone,” she wrote.

Munn had previously spoken out on the formula shortage and how she depends on it due to her own “low milk supply”.

She tweeted: “It’s so crazy when people say, ‘if you breastfeed you won’t have to worry about the formula shortage!’ I have low milk supply, so to keep my babe fed I depend on formula.”

The US is grappling with disruptions in the baby formula supply chain. Abbott Laboratories, the country’s largest baby formula manufacturer, closed in February due to contamination at the plant, which triggered the recall of a number of baby formula brands.

It reopened in early June, but was shut down again this week due to severe weather in Michigan, where the factory has been damaged by “torrential storms”.

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