Olivia Dunne Shows Off Her Basketball Skills in Sparkly Strappy Back Leotard

Olivia Dunne.<p>Christopher Polk/Getty Images</p>
Olivia Dunne.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Olivia Dunne is channeling her inner Troy Bolton. The New Jersey native and NCAA star shared a silly reel with her 4.8 million Instagram followers as she dribbled two basketballs around the court and attempted (and succeeded) at a few free throws.

The LSU gymnast donned a new and updated version of her signature sparkly purple-and-black leotard featuring a criss-cross strappy open back.

The TikTok influencer, who is the highest-paid female college athlete in the country, loosely tossed her long blonde locks into a ponytail, and showed off her super sculpted legs and tiny waist.

“Dual sport athletes>>> #lsu #gymnastics #basketball,” the 21-year-old joked in her caption.

“She a hooperrrr,” Mia Mastrov commented.

“Ballerrrr🔥,” Hannah White added.

“WNBA NEEDS U,” Madden San Miguel, also known as Baby Gronk chimed.

Dunne, who was photographed for her SI Swimsuit debut in Puerto Rico last year, reunited with photographer Ben Watts in Portugal for her 2024 rookie shoot and is set to appear in this May’s magazine.

“I feel like in a way I kind of introduced a whole new audience to college gymnastics, which is honestly kind of like a main goal of mine and it’s happening, so I just think that’s really awesome because the sport really deserves recognition and a positive spotlight,” she told the magazine. “I feel like [my target audience connects with my content] because I do relatable, normal things. I am a college student, people do college sports, so in a way I feel like that’s an attainable thing, that I’m not just TikToker or a social media influencer. It’s a way to show that you can do whatever you want with social media and if you do sports, it’s possible to do it all.”

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