Olivia Dunne Playfully Reviews Her Halloween Impersonators: ‘Not a Single Miss’

Olivia Dunne.<p>Theo Wargo/Getty Images</p>
Olivia Dunne.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Halloween has always been the perfect opportunity to become your idol for one night and one night only. For some, that may mean a favorite movie character or musician. For others, it means Olivia Dunne. The athlete has found popularity and acclaim among people of all ages, and, on Halloween, they declared their support for the LSU gymnast by dressing up in their best impersonations of the 21-year-old.

It was a move that Dunne herself declared “crazy to even think about,” but, all the same, several children and adults took to the streets in a purple sparkly leotard, responding to “Livvy” for the night.

Dunne took to her TikTok on Nov. 1 to rate and review some of the impersonations that she had seen from the spooky holiday. She “start[ed] off strong” with a family who went all in on the look: the mom donned an LSU-inspired leotard and blonde wig and posed next to her partner, who dressed as Dunne’s professional baseball-playing boyfriend, Paul Skenes, and their baby who was outfitted in the cutest baseball costume. “That is so cute. 10 out of 10,” she said.

Another young duo opted for the same idea, posing side-by-side as mini versions of Skenes and Dunne. "You can’t tell me this isn’t me and Paul. 11 out of 10,” Dunne gushed.

Between the girls, teens and moms all expertly dressed as the social media star for the holiday, Dunne was almost at a loss for words reviewing the series. She couldn’t bring herself to rate any impersonator less than a 10 out of 10. They all nailed it.

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