Olivia Dunne Never Ceases to Amaze Us With Her Gymnastics Skills, and This Clip Is No Exception

Olivia Dunne.<p>Michael Loccisano/Getty Images</p>
Olivia Dunne.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

By now, Olivia Dunne has established her skill in the gym. Sure, she has a lot of other really impressive and admirable traits—her business acumen top among them—but they all start with her athleticism.

But just because Dunne’s talent isn’t a new discovery, doesn’t mean we don’t thoroughly enjoying seeing it on display. Thankfully, the LSU gymnast has no shortage of impressive content from her several seasons of college athletics, and she has a habit of posting them, too.

The latest video that the 21-year-old shared to her Instagram on Jan. 25 put her tumbling skills on display. We’ve seen her on the beam and the uneven bars, but this latest show of skill might just have been our favorite yet. It was a snippet of a floor routine, and it was wildly impressive.

Dunne stood on the floor in her purple sparkly leotard—a staple for the LSU team—and smiled at the camera before launching into her performance. But rather than describing the complex sequence of flips and twists that she performed, we’ll let her clip speak for itself.

“i 🫶🏼 tumbling,” Dunne expressed in the caption. The video is certainly a testament to that.

“🌪️ 🧠 light work!” NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. commented on the post.

“Wow!!🔥,” another follower exclaimed of the display.

Dunne and her teammates still have a long season ahead of them, which will culminate in the NCAA Championships at the end of April. But, by all accounts, the senior has the right mindset (and routines) heading into the rest of her final season with the squad.

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