Olivia Colman's true crime drama Landscapers: Everything you need to know

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Olivia Colman will lead HBO and Sky Limited's series Landscapers, about a couple who become the centre of a police investigation when two bodies are discovered in their garden.

The crime drama is inspired by a true events, chronicling the killing of Patricia and William Wycherley, shot dead by their daughter and son-in-law Susan and Christopher Edwards.

The couple gradually siphoned off the entirety of the Wycherleys' savings, pensions, and disability benefits to spend on Hollywood memorabilia, such as signed autographs of Golden Age stars.

A press release from HBO reads: "This blackly comic, narratively playful true crime drama is based on extensive research, hours of interviews and direct access to the accused, who have always protested their innocence of murder.

"[As such], this is the story of a unique murder case involving four lives lived on the margins of society, that turns into an exhilarating and darkly funny exploration of love and fantasy: its power and its peril."

What is Landscapers about?

The true crime drama focuses on the murder of Patricia and William Wycherley, who for 15 years, lay buried under their own lawn in a quiet cul-de-sac in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in 1998.

The couple were killed by their daughter and son-in-law, Susan and Christopher Edwards, who used hundreds of thousands of their savings, pensions and disability benefits to purchase Hollywood souvenirs, including autographs of movie star Gary Cooper.

According to police, few pictures have been traced of Mr Wycherley while none have been found of his wife, Patricia, and the pair were said to have lived a reclusive life.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

After a trial at Nottingham Crown Court in June 2014, both Susan and Christopher were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 25 years. The judge accepted that Susan had been sexually abused by her father as a child.

The series will feature the protagonists casting themselves as Hollywood heroes in storylines of their invention, powered by Susan's imagination.

On the crime being adapted into a TV drama, Chief Supt Rob Griffin of the East Midlands major crime unit told the Nottingham Post: "I have mixed emotions about the programme being made. It involves victims who have a family and people’s lives have been changed forever because of this.

"Having said that, I understand why people want to hear about this case. It’s a unique story and I will be interested to see how it plays out on television."

Landscapers: The Cast

Oscar-winner Olivia Colman will play Susan while Harry Potter and Fargo star David Thewlis is playing husband Christopher. The rest of the cast has yet to be announced.

Photo credit: Steve Blackburn - Getty Images
Photo credit: Steve Blackburn - Getty Images

Giri/Haji actor Will Sharpe is directing.

Landscapers: When will it air?

There's no official release date just yet, but it's expected to air towards the end of the year or early 2022.

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