Olivia Attwood's 'little brother' heading into Love Island villa

Ronnie Vint
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

The new series of Love Island kicks off on Monday 3 June, and one of the new stars Ronnie Vint has sweet connection to former islander Olivia Attwood, who he describes as being like his "big little sister." The soon-to-be islander is very close pals with Olivia's husband Bradley Dack, and even served as his best man at his and Olivia's wedding last year.

Speaking to OK! and other media before he steps across the villa threshold tomorrow, Ronnie said: "Brad's my best pal, he's like a brother to me, and Olivia has turned into my 'big little sister'." When he was asked whether Olivia had given him any advice, Ronnie said she'd always been supportive of him and had told him to just be himself and enjoy his time in the villa.

Olivia Attwood
Olivia has already shown support for Ronnie ahead of his entrance into the Love Island villa -Credit:Instagram/Olivia Attwood

And as to whether he'll be telling his co-stars about his connection to Olivia, Ronnie said producers haven't told him he can't, but said he wanted to focus more on himself than his celebrity pals back at home. He explained: "On the show I'm me, and I want to show whoever I'm with, or you watching, my side.

"They're my best friends but also I'm me, I'm Ronnie, so showing that side will be important."

After it was announced that Ronnie would be entering the villa, Olivia shared her support for her "little brother". Sharing Ronnie's official Love Island photo, Olivia added the caption: "Our @ronnievint is going into the villa!!!! "Ron was best man at our wedding and he's literally like a brother to me - you guys are going to love him!! I know it."

Bradley Dack, Ronnie Vint, and a friend
Ronnie was one of Bradley Dack's best men at his wedding to Love Island and Loose Women star Olivia Attwood -Credit:ronnievint/instagram

Ronnie isn't the only islander with some famous friends, with his soon-to-be co-star Munveer Jabbal having a surprising link to Piers Morgan - he's close pals with his son Spencer. And while Ronnie told Olivia and Brad that he'll be heading to the villa, Munveer did not give his friends a heads up.

Munveer explained: "I think everyone will be surprised to see me on the show. My immediate network will be like 'oh fancy seeing you in there.' I kept it low-key and confidential, the only people who knew were my mum and my dad so I'm sure it'll come as a surprise to a lot of my close friends for sure."

Discussing his friendship with Spencer, Munveer said: "The only time I speak to him [Spencer] is about Arsenal and that's it. We don't talk about anything romantic, we don't talk about his Dad. We don't talk about anything other than who should be starting for Arsenal... And that's as far as the conversation goes."