Olivia Attwood reveals the real reason she left I'm A Celebrity early

Olivia Attwood has given her first TV interview on why she had to leave I'm A Celebrity early.

Video transcript

OLIVIA ATTWOOD: I mean, obviously there's [? lies ?] swirling around on the internet.

- The conspiracy theorists have had a field day.

OLIVIA ATTWOOD: I mean, I think "Olivia Attwood Pregnant" was trending on Twitter. It's not that, I can assure you.

So it's actually not that exciting when it boils down. I was pulled out on my first day in Main Camp for kind of routine medical checks, which can be like blood pressure and giving blood, whatever. So I have my blood taken, and basically the results came back that my iron was low, I was showing that I was anemic, potassium was really low, sodium was really low. So basically all the markers that you would look for were low.