Oliver Hudson shares flare-up of upsetting condition

Goldie Hawn's son Oliver Hudson has been open about his struggles with anxiety, and this week on his podcast Unconsciously Coupled with wife Errin, he spoke about a recent flare-up.

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"[My anxiety] kicked up again this week, even though I went back on my medication, it kicked up again, not nearly as bad, but it's with me," Kate Hudson's brother Oliver wrote on Instagram, before going into further detail on the podcast.

WATCH: Oliver Hudson talks about his anxiety on his latest podcast

"I've been drinking too much, smoking too many cigarettes, running my body down, and then I had an episode two nights ago. In the middle of the night my body went crazy, I couldn't breathe, I threw up, it was crazy," the actor explains.

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Oliver went on to describe how he is mainly anxious about his anxiety reoccurring, which Erin referred to as "spiralling," with Oliver detailing how his mental health impacts every area of his life.

"I know there's nothing physically wrong with me, from a medical standpoint, it's just fear," he continued.


Oliver Hudson's wife Erinn supports him amid his mental health struggles

"I'm on medication again, I've upped my dosage," Oliver shared, before explaining that talking about his mental health makes him feel better.

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Oliver came off his anxiety medication last year, but said of the decision: "It's been crushing, debilitating, scary, honestly, scary at times," hence why he now takes the medicine again.


Being back on set caused Oliver Hudson's anxiety to kickstart

The Cleaning Lady star attributes his recent bout of anxiety to the filming of his show starting up again, and being away from his family with pressures piling on.

Here's hoping Oliver finds a way to cope with his mental health – we're wishing him all the best.

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