Oliver Anthony Releases Music Video for New Single ’90 Some Chevy,’ Featuring Shots of a Handgun

Rapidly rising country-folk singer Oliver Anthony has released a music video for his newest single “90 Some Chevy,” following the success of his breakout viral song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” which currently tops the Billboard Hot 100 for a second week since its Aug. 17 debut.

The “90 Some Chevy” video begins in a very similar manner to the “Rich Men North of Richmond” video, with Anthony performing the song alone in a leafy forest with just his guitar in hand. The lyrics of the acoustic country song liken a romantic interest to a 1990s Chevrolet — “That old darlin’ of mine is like a 90 some Chevy / She rides just right when you turn her on / The only thing that sounds better than that old 350 is when she’s running up to kiss me when I get home.”

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The music video shifts when it begins to intersperse scenes of Anthony driving in a Chevy along a road at sunset. Notably, for a brief moment, the video cuts to show a handgun in the passenger seat of his car. Anthony is from Virginia, an open carry state; although the scene passes quickly, the weapon is obviously displayed.

Although Anthony says he is not politically affiliated and says he is criticizing all politicians in “Rich Men North of Richmond,” Anthony’s music has quickly garnered a conservative fan base. His showcasing a handgun in his music video will likely only further endear him to conservatives and continue the debate about his political standing.

Watch the video below.

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