Oliver Anthony Belfast gig following sensational 'Rich Men North of Richmond' response

Oliver Anthony - Rich Men North of Richmond. Youtube (Photo: Youtube)
Oliver Anthony - Rich Men North of Richmond. Youtube (Photo: Youtube)

Virginia native Anthony shot to stardom in August when a Youtube video of him singing Rich Men North of Richmond went viral – attracting millions of views within days, and going on to be viewed more than 125 million times to date.

The powerful composition has become an anthem for the millions of blue-collar workers in the US and beyond – hitting out at the nation’s wealth gap, high suicide rates and high taxes.

The rich men north of Richmond referred to are the policy makers in Washington DC.

Anthony has already made music history by becoming the first artist ever to debut at No1 on the Billboard charts without previously having a song that charted.

He is also the first living male songwriter to chart 13 songs simultaneously in Billboard’s Top 50 digital song sales.

The ‘Out of the Woods’ tour kicks off in Sweden on February 1, 2024, before further shows in Norway, the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands.

The Belfast show is at the Ulster Hall on February 12, followed by Dublin’s Vicar Street on February 13.

Five of Anthony’s other songs have made the iTunes’ Top 10, with ‘I’ve Got to Get Sober’ reaching No3. ‘Ain’t Got a Dollar’ claimed the No1 spot on Spotify’s Viral 50 list and No 2 on iTunes.

A press release announcing the tour dates says: “His passionate voice, featuring a unique and emotional rasp shaped by his personal battles, captures the despair of those living without hope, especially those who live in small-town or rural America. His songs address the nation’s wealth gap, suicide rate, high taxes, and imbalance and abuse of power”.

Anthony says he is still processing the overwhelming response to his music, and said: “It's been challenging understanding what my purpose is and what I'm supposed to do with the opportunity I've been given. I don't deserve one bit of any of this.”

The tour is called Out of The Woods because his heart is in the woods of Virgina.

“I am drawn to the rolling hills, flowing creeks, swaying pines and mighty oaks of rural Virginia.

"Day brings the sunshine, and with it the songbirds, the crickets and the frogs. Nightfall brings the serenity of a dark outline of forest against a moonlit sky.

"The coyote hunt the deer, the bobcat scream and the owls sing. Nature doesn't concern itself with the problems of man. And when I'm immersed in it, neither do I.”

Anthony added: “Meanwhile, our cities are littered with suffering souls. Strung out on drugs, behind on bills, in failing marriages, living on lost hope.

"Our government has failed us. Our politicians, who are elected with the duty of representing us, reject us.

"They sell themselves to the highest bidder at our expense. Our society treats our adults like children and our children like adults”.

He went on to say: “In 2024, I feel compelled to connect with other lost souls like me. The people battling sobriety, depression, debt, divorce. The ones being taxed to death but ignored.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, November 17, from and