Old Forester Celebrates 150 Years With Release Of Its Rarest Bourbon

Old Forester 150th anniversary bourbon
Old Forester 150th anniversary bourbon - Old Forester

There are plenty of bourbons filled with history, but bourbon brands don't get any older than Old Forester. First bottled in 1870, Old Forester Bourbon has been in continuous production for over 150 years. While some brands like Buffalo Trace may boast older bourbon distilleries, the opening and closing of different companies, and the disruption of sales during Prohibition means Old Forester is the longest-running bourbon brand in the United States. Now, that legacy is being celebrated by the company, with the release of the rarest bottle of bourbon yet.

According to a press release from the distiller, 650 special decanter bottles were crafted back in 2020 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Old Forester. Five hundred of those bottles were given to the family that owns the company, the Browns, and their business partners, while 150 were set aside for other special giveaways. Those events never took place, being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, instead of being given away, Old Forester is offering those bottles directly to the public. They will be going up for sale, only on Old Forester's website, for the price of $2,500. Old Forester master taster Meliss Rift says of the bottles: "Old Forester is the only bourbon to exist before, during, and after Prohibition – and what better way to celebrate that legacy than offering to the public this rare decanter."

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Old Forester's Rarest Bottle Is A Special Decanter Containing 12-Year-Old Bourbon

Old Forester 150th anniversary decanter
Old Forester 150th anniversary decanter - Old Forester

The 150th anniversary of Old Forester had been planned years in advance. Master Distiller Chris Morris selected six barrels for the release back in 2008 and they were bottled in 2020 for the original timeline. While the bourbon inside is certainly special, the bottle itself is also a collector's item. It is inspired by Old Forester's holiday decanters from the 1950s and 1960s, which were designed by Raymond Loewy, who is considered America's most influential industrial designer. The decanter is emblazoned with the Brown's company name, Brown-Forman, as well as the dates 1870-2020, and is packaged in a custom wooden box, which is made from wood that was salvaged from a fire at the distillery in 2015.

Those who purchase the bottles will be able to pick them up on December 5, the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. The high price point won't just get you this classic bottle either. Those who purchase one will get a private tour of the Old Forester distillery, and be able to join members of the Brown family for cocktails and appetizers. Such a rare bourbon is likely worth the price for some fans alone, but the whole experience is certain to make this a sought-after collectible.

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