Old-fashioned term for unmarried women over 26 goes viral

·Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Unmarried women over 26 are too old to be spinsters. [Photo: Getty]
Unmarried women over 26 are too old to be spinsters. [Photo: Getty]

Female, unmarried and over 26? Bad news – you’re too old to be a spinster.

A woman has taken to Twitter after discovering a hilarious term for unmarried women in the latter half of their twenties.

Writer Sophia Benoit shared her amusement with her followers after discovering the word “Thornback” was an old term for women in this age category.

The tweet has since gone viral, racking up thousands of retweets and likes.

Far from taking offence at the outdated term, many had an absolute field day with the idea they were “thornbacks”.

Some thought the term sounded like something out of fantasy fiction.

Others wondered if there was another term for women far past their late twenties.

Given that the most common age for women to get married is now 33, it’s likely there will be many, many identifying as “Thornbacks” in the mean time. Good thing the internet seems to be owning it.

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