Okay, we're just gonna say it: the new Club Pret subscription is actually mugging us all off

a cup of coffee from pret a manger, the coffee chain that has just launched a new club subscription membership along with a price increase
What's the deal with Pret's new club subscription?JUSTIN TALLIS - Getty Images

Calling all fans of Pret coffee shops (of which I am very much one): the chain that pioneered the Posh Cheddar & Pickle Baguette has announced big changes to its monthly subscription membership... and not everybody is happy about the new 'Club Pret' offering.

To quickly recap: back in late 2020, Pret launched its now phenomenally successful monthly subscription model (which saw 16,500 people alone join in its first day of life), offering customers the opportunity to pay £20 a month in order to get up to five barista-made drinks per day (this includes hot drinks, like your go-to flat white, to smoothies and iced lattes). Sounds fab – and economising – right? Especially if you're the type to get a coffee every morning.

Since then, the price has already been bumped up to £25 month (already not loving it, but due to my very real Pret addiction... will tolerate). Now, however, Pret have rebranded the subscription model as a 'club', aptly named Club Pret, and have shared that they're also adding in another feature, which will see members given 10% off all food, from pastries to salads.

On the surface, this all sounds nice. Thanks, Pret! But actually, if you clock the small print, Pret have also announced there will be yet another price increase – taking the Pret subscription fee up to £30 a month this coming June. And people are not feeling it. Especially not those who started out paying £20, and have therefore witnessed a 50% price hike.

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"Cancelling my subscription with @Pret," tweeted one customer. "I have been a loyal Pret customer for many years. I didn't mind when it increased to £25 but this latest increase is just not fair on the consumer. It will be £35/£40 a month before we know it. It's a shame but this is pure greed."

Another tweeted, "PRET SUBSCRIPTION IS GOING UP TO £30 that's it i'm cancelling it".

In response, the Pret twitter account replied saying: "We launched Club Pret to provide subscribers and Pret customers with more value: 155 drinks a month with a whole lot more options plus 10% off everything else. Pret subscribers saved £50 a month. That's £600 a year."

That's all very well and good but honestly? How many Pret subscribers actually utilise the full five drinks a day offering, it's not like you can donate one to a pal as there needs to be a 30-minute gap between drinks orders? Surely we'd all be absolutely vibrating on the underground if we were smashing back five macchiatos a day?

When Cosmopolitan UK asked for comment, a Pret spokesperson replied saying they were keen to remind current subscribers that the 10% food discount starts immediately (not on 5 June when prices will increase). "No business wants to raise prices, but as you'll likely be aware, ingredient and energy prices have gone up significantly and we've also invested more in pay for our Team Members," they said. "The average coffee subscriber saved £600 last year through the Coffee Subscription, so with the new 10% off discount, we're expecting them to be able to save even more – and this time, with friends or colleagues now being able to benefit too."

As for other changes set to take place within planet Pret, the coffee giants have recently dropped new food menu items (including an Italian Deli Bloomer, an Avo Brunch Rye Roll and Vietnamese-Style Prawn Salad) and have said that as of 5 June, as well as the cost increase, they are "introducing a new, bigger range of iced drinks, Pret Coolers, replacing the old range of smoothies and frappes that will no longer be in shops from 5 June".

The press release adds that Pret has also installed new ice machines, so that iced drinks will be available in over 90% of stores – and that come July, Pret Shakes will be coming to fruition.

So, if you're a Pret subscriber... will you be sticking with it, or scrapping?

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