Work Clothes, but Make Them Chic - These New Pants Just Upped My Office Game

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I'll be the first to admit that the best part about working from home is wearing sweatpants all. day. long. There's nothing better than sitting at my desk in the utmost comfort of a sweatsuit and slippers, and not having a care in the world about what to wear that day or the next. Picking out outfits for work used to be the bane of my existence; how does one create a look that's cute but professional, comfortable but not frumpy, and stylish but not over the top? Finding that perfect balance took more time (and money) than I'd like to admit, but after my most recent wardrobe find, I can rest assured that I'll never have to worry about stressing over work outfits again.

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Hidden among the newest Old Navy releases was a pair of pants that I didn't even know I was looking for. Cute yet professional, comfortable yet nowhere near frumpy, and stylish but not over the top, these Old Navy High-Waisted Pixie Straight-Leg Ankle Pants ($40) were the answer to my outfit questions. With a (super) affordable price point, they're the perfect wardrobe staple for someone who needs more work clothes, but doesn't want to spend a whole paycheck on them. They come in a variety of colors and prints as well as tall, petite, and plus sizes, which makes buying more than one pair a must. Fashioned with sweaters, blouses, blazers, and more, these versatile pants are just the thing I've always needed when it comes to workwear. With new pants in my wardrobe, I'm ready to say "so long" to sweatpants and "hello" to reimagined office clothes.

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