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Beauty blender: Daily

This tool has only risen in popularity over the years with dupes available in almost every drugstore. Loved for their unique way of dispersing product, this staple sucks up bacteria unlike any other. It is recommended to actually replace your Beautyblender every three months if you use it daily. If you want to prolong its lifespan, cleanse this product daily. While cleaning it is quite easy, the daily task can be quite tedious. Invest in Blendercleanser or dishsoap and get to cleaning.(Photo via Instagram/lookup.makeup)

This is how often you need to wash your makeup brushes (and beauty blender)

When it comes to priorities, it’s probably safe to assume there are a few things that rank higher than cleaning your makeup brushes. The tedious task of digging out all of your tools and individually cleaning each one is often put off until it’s absolutely necessary. For some of us, that can mean your brushes have gone months — or even years — without being properly cleaned.

It might not bother you day to day — but did you know that your makeup (and makeup applicators) can pack a punch when it comes to harvesting bacteria?

Due to the nature of their use, it’s impossible to keep your brushes from getting a little dirty every once in a while. And if that’s not motivation enough to spend some quality time with your beauty tools, know that the bacteria production on your brushes is contaminating your makeup and promoting acne and breakouts on your skin. Gross.

It’s easy to wash brushes: just fill a bowl with warm, soapy water, submerge the brush, gently massage the bristles, rinse, rest on a clean towel, and repeat. There are soaps dedicated specifically to cleansing brushes and beauty blenders, but often gentle soap – like baby shampoo – will do the trick.

While there’s a general rule to cleanse your brushes every month, timelines can actually vary according to what you use the brush for — so dig in to these guidelines and make a commitment to your beauty tools – your skin will thank you for it.

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