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Sex Education

In Sex Education - starring Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield - an inexperienced high school student, who ironically has plenty of sexual knowledge thanks to his sex therapist mother, decides to team up with a bad girl and open an underground sex therapy clinic at school. It's hilariously implausible, it's insanely raunchy, it seems to take place in a mysterious vacuum of time, and it's brilliant. Catch up on before season two premieres in early 2020.

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It's Official: These Are the Best New Netflix Shows of 2019

So many new Netflix original TV series debuted in 2019 that it would truly be impossible to watch them all (unless you never leave your house again, which we wouldn't recommend). Naturally, there are some standouts among the dozens of new series, so rather than working your way down the list, we're got some shows that you should really prioritize. From dark thrillers to kinky romps, a few new series have really pushed the envelope when it comes to originality, diversity, and incredible storytelling, and we can only hope to see a second season of them all. Please, Netflix? Note that we've included miniseries, as they traditionally fall within the television umbrella!

- Additional reporting by Maggie Panos

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