Occupation authorities extorting Ukrainian seniors with 10,000 rubles for Russian passport – NRC

Russian rubles
Russian rubles

Occupation administrations in Russia are enticing Ukrainian senior citizens with a “social assistance” offer of 10,000 rubles, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center (NRC) said.

The assistance, however, comes with conditions, as occupiers insist on a pension reformation aligning with Russian norms and the acquisition of a Russian passport.

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These tactics aim to “humiliate” the population, fostering dependence on the occupiers and Kremlin payments, said the NRC.

Over the past 2-3 months, Russians have reportedly ceased “social payments” for childcare in the occupied territories.

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The NRC urgently advises citizens to secure copies of documents proving Ukrainian citizenship and property rights, avoid surrendering originals to occupier-created institutions, and preserve these records for post-de-occupation validation.

If necessary, it is better to use copies of documents, justifying it with the loss of originals due to combat actions or natural disasters, the NRC advised.

The NRC previously reported a “passport raid” in Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast, where Russian military collected passport applications, took fingerprints, and issued summonses during inspections.

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Russian occupiers are also allegedly threatening to transfer Ukrainian prisoners without Russian passports to Russia.

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