Woman loses 10 stone and halves her body weight after years of bullying

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Lucie Hadley managed to halve her body weight. [Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/PA Images]

A 21-year-old woman has been crowned Slimming World’s ‘Young Slimmer of the Year 2019’ after losing 10 stone and halving her body weight.

Lucie Hadley, a school worker from Peterborough, weighed 19 stone (st) and three pounds (lbs) at her heaviest.

Nowadays, she weighs just 9st 3lbs.

At school she was so bullied for her size that she had to move classes multiple times, and she used to hide in the changing rooms and cry during PE lessons.

Hadley’s classmates would throw food at her, claiming: “She’ll eat it, she eats everything.”

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Later on, when she met her boyfriend, Sam, he used to walk ahead of her to avoid the pair being seen together.

Deciding enough was enough, Hadley joined her mother at a local Slimming World group.

After losing 5lb in her first week, she was hooked. To date, she’s lost 10 stone – and 16 dress sizes.

A typical daily diet for Hadley used to be a Full English breakfast with bacon, sausage, fried eggs and bread purchased from a local cafe, with pastries, cakes, crisps and sandwiches throughout the day followed by an evening meal of a takeaway pizza.

Now, she’ll eat a Slimming World-style “grill up” in the morning: low-fat sausages, lean bacon and beans. Lunch will be a homemade pasta salad, while dinner will be a homemade “fakeaway” like curry or a Chinese dish.

Of her incredible weight loss journey, Hadley says: “It’s been a brilliant experience, I feel like a queen right now, I cannot believe this has happened.

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“I used to look at my body wishing it was a suit I could just tear off, now I’m ready to show off my body.

“I’ve got a zest for life, I’m so bouncy and bubbly and confident now. You can’t stop me talking, I just keep going and going.

She adds: “My partner used to walk half a mile in front of me when I was overweight, now we’re walking together, hand in hand, we’re like a real couple, not one that hides away.”

Last month, a formerly obese nurse told of her 16 stone weight loss after being told, at 38, she would not live to see her 40th birthday.

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