The Number Of People Who Eat McDonald's Daily Is Enough To Populate A Country

People in a city walk past a McDonald's
People in a city walk past a McDonald's - Joel Carillet/Getty Images

With over 40,275 restaurant locations worldwide, McDonald's has long reigned as one of the most successful fast food chains on the planet. For reference, Subway takes the number two spot with roughly 36,000 stores worldwide. From South Carolina to the South of France, you can count on finding a McDonald's no matter where you are (save a few exceptions, of course, such as Iceland and Bolivia).

Because of its reliable presence and well-known menu offerings, McDonald's has accumulated a very loyal following and is a popular choice for people everywhere. That following is so large, in fact, that the number of people who eat McDonald's daily is enough to populate an entire country.

According to statistics from 2021, approximately 70 million people visit a McDonald's location every day. That is more than the population of France or the United Kingdom, which according to data estimates for 2023 both hover around 68 million people. 70 million dwarfs the populations of other well-known countries too such as Italy, Argentina, Canada, and Poland. The country where McDonald's is the most popular might not come as a surprise.

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Digging Into The Numbers

Cars queue around a McDonnald's
Cars queue around a McDonnald's - Alex Burstow/Getty Images

70 million patrons is a lot, and the reliable presence of this chain worldwide is a big reason for the popularity. To truly see the reach of McDonald's, let's break down the numbers a little further to see where exactly it is the most successful.

As far as where McDonald's is the most popular, its U.S. markets seems to be doing the best. The United States raked in $9.42 billion in revenue for the chain in 2022. America has the most McDonald's locations of any country, and it is also where the chain originated, so the numbers make sense. McDonald's has, however, also done well internationally. Countries like France, Australia, Canada, and the U.K. collectively accounted for about $11.16 billion of McDonald's revenue in 2022. While fast food has not always been as popular in these countries as it has been in the United States, that reality is quickly changing. As these places grow, the number of fast food places has started increasing, so we'll have to see where these countries rank in future years.

Why McDonald's Is So Popular

The McDonald's app
The McDonald's app - Smith Collection/gado/Getty Images

Fast food chains generally do well in the United States thanks to the low prices and fast service, but McDonald's still stands apart from the competition. A big reason for that disparity is the chain's massive marketing and advertising efforts.

McDonald's is constantly in the public eye, and not just because there's a store on every street. The worldwide chain is always rolling out new advertisements showcasing new meal options, limited-time menu items and merchandise, and modern changes to its stores. McDonald's stays on top of trends — it was one of the first fast food chains to offer mobile ordering and it is constantly offering deals through the McDonald's Rewards program on its mobile app.

In short, there are many reasons for the success of McDonald's, as it's always working to stay ahead of trends. With these efforts, who knows, maybe in the future more people will be visiting McDonald's daily than the entire population of Japan.

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