After *NSYNC Announced Their Runion, Millennials Freaked Out On TikTok, And Their Viral Moments Have Me Laughing So Hard I'm Crying

 NSYNC at 2023 VMAs
NSYNC at 2023 VMAs

Saying “Bye, Bye, Bye” to *NSYNC all those years ago was not easy, especially for the Millennials who grew up loving the boy band. Well, after two decades worth of manifesting new music, and praying for a reunion, the five guys finally got together for a VMAs appearance, and they announced that their first song in over 20 years will be part of the third Trolls movie not long after. Obviously, their diehard fans were elated about all the exciting news, and they took to TikTok to share their feelings. And let me tell you, these viral reactions had me laughing so hard I was crying.

Admittedly, while I was excited, I was by no means freaking out about *NSYNC’s reunion at the VMAs. As a gal who was born in 1999, I was too young to remember the beloved boyband in their heyday. However, as a One Direction stan, I totally understand the magnitude of this situation, and I get where Millennials were coming from when they took to TikTok to express their excitement. A personal favorite of mine came when ginamaselli23 posted about digging out her old CDs from the boyband to get ready for their tour (which hasn’t been announced):

That’s right, it’s time to dig out the old CDs, re-learn the dance moves, and get ready for *NSYNC’s long-awaited comeback. When they walked out on stage at the VMAs, I think most Millennials collectively gasped, and so did Taylor Swift, who was shaking with excitement when she accepted an award from them. Noitsbecky_28 on TikTok used the “Anti-Hero” singer’s reaction to illustrate how Millennials likely felt by posting:

Following their on-stage reunion at the 2023 VMA’s, the guys confirmed the rumors that their first new song would be for the Trolls movie. Considering Justin Timberlake’s involvement with the animated franchise, and the banger that is “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” I know we’re in for a treat.

The fans do too, and they’re most excited to see it live. Evanacklin1 is already getting the choreography down for a potential *NSYNC tour, and you can see him kill the moves in this viral TikTok:

The exhilaration for a potential tour continued on TikTok, as windykinzz posted a hilarious video of what she thinks Millennials will look like when they’re dancing at an *NSYNC concert:

However, as someone who is a Swiftie and survived the Ticketmaster fiasco, I got the biggest laugh out of fans who made PSAs to non-Millennials about why they shouldn’t even try to buy tickets to a future *NSYNC concert. For example, mooganboogan posted a hilarious childhood video to illustrate the point:

Much like how fans can’t stop talking about JC Chasez’s real name, they also will not be quiet about wanting the band to go on tour. Overall, the enthusiasm is infectious and hilarious, and I can't wait to see more of it as the boy band prepares to release their first single.

While we wait to see if *NSYNC takes their reunion one step further and announces an album or a tour, you can look forward to their first single in decades, “Better Place,” which will be streaming on September 14. And you can see their animated reunion when Trolls Band Together hits theaters on November 17.

So, as we count down the days to the boy band’s exciting releases, make sure to check out the 2023 movie schedule to plan your next trip to the theater, and keep watching all these hilarious viral TikToks so you are extra hype when *NSYNC’s first song in two decades comes out.