You can now shop rental pieces from Hurr on Depop for up to 80 per cent off

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Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

Both the rental and resale markets are currently booming, and are predicted to continue doing so as more consumers become aware of their carbon footprint and try to create a more sustainable approach to shopping. It makes perfect sense then that two of the most successful businesses in these markets have teamed up, attempting to further the life of popular rental items.

Hurr, the leading rental platform in Europe, has joined forces with community marketplace Depop to sell some of its pieces.

Called 'The Loop', the collection features some of the most coveted post-rented styles from the likes of By Far, Stine Goya and Rixo, available at up to 80 per cent off.

This rental to resale journey is described as the next step in the circular fashion loop, hoping to help contribute to a more responsible future of fashion.

"We’re excited to be the first resale platform that Hurr has partnered with on the next step of their circular journey," Justine Porterie, head of sustainability at Depop said. "Both resale and rental have a role to play in reshaping fashion consumption and making the industry more circular."

"Plus, reselling on Depop is not the end of the story – often it’s just the beginning. We believe in helping to keep items in circulation as long as possible, keeping clothes that already exist passing from person to person. At Depop, we want to be able to give people opportunities to dress differently everyday with unique fashion, but a smaller footprint. That’s the future of fashion,"

The collection aims to further the lifespan of some much-loved items, all of which have already been worn and rented at least 20 times.

"The Loop by Hurr helps ensure clothes are kept out of landfill and find a second life through resale. With thousands of styles to choose from, including some of Hurr's most rented looks ever, the collaboration will help further extend the lifespan of each of these items and continue to drive a more sustainable future of fashion."

Shop Hurr's The Loop collection on Depop today.

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