You can now rent fabric gift wrap for Christmas presents

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Photo credit: Wrag Wrap
Photo credit: Wrag Wrap

A gift wrap rental service has launched for Christmas to encourage shoppers to wrap gifts sustainably with no waste, and at a fraction of the cost of buying and owning it.

Wrag Wrap, the social enterprise founded in 2012 by Devon-based Louise Oldridge and Nicky Rajska, offers Furoshiki-inspired fabric gift wrap designed for a lifetime of use – only now, it's available to rent.

Aiming to make reusable gift wrap more accessible and affordable, Wrag Wrap hopes to reduce gift wrapping waste without compromising on the joy of giving a beautifully wrapped present.

An estimated 50,000 trees are cut down to supply the demand for paper gift wrap every Christmas, and Wrag Wrap's rental service is said to reduce the cost of wrapping gifts sustainably by at least 80 per cent.

The rental wraps are made from 45 per cent traceable recycled plastic bottles and come in a selection of three sizes with a message card pouch, fastening cord, and anchor button sewn into each wrap.

Photo credit: Wrag Wrap
Photo credit: Wrag Wrap

How much does it cost?

Prices start at £23 for 10 wraps, £30 for 20 wraps, and £60 for 50 wraps, including posting, packaging and pre-paid returns.

How does it work?

• Available for UK and Ireland customers, visit to select your Wrag Wrap pack. Choose your box based on how many gift wraps you need.

• Pay the rental price plus a deposit.

• The box of wraps gets delivered to your home so you can wrap all of your Christmas gifts, creating zero waste.

• You will have until the end of January 2022 to return the wraps in the pre-paid returns pouch provided.

Photo credit: Wrag Wrap
Photo credit: Wrag Wrap

• You also have the option to buy, keep and gift away either some or all of your rented wraps. Non-returned wraps will be offered at a goodwill rate of 20 per cent less than the retail price.

• If you decide that you would like to keep all the wraps, then you can do so for the value of your deposit.

• Wrag Wrap take on the cleaning, maintenance and repair of the wraps that are loaned out, ensuring that all wraps remain as good as new.

'The reaction to our rental initiative has been overwhelming,' Nicky says. 'The 10 and 20 packs have been the most popular. It will be interesting to see how many come back to us and are truly rented or are kept.'

Interested in renting your gift wrap this Christmas? Visit to choose your fabric gift wrap.

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