You can now get mac and cheese ice cream: 8 other unusual flavours from around the world

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You can sample some very unusual ice cream flavours around the world (Alamy/PA)
You can sample some very unusual ice cream flavours around the world (Alamy/PA)

Mac and cheese is meant to be served piping hot with melted cheddar bubbling on top, right? Not necessarily, according to a new culinary collaboration.

American food company Kraft has teamed up with ice cream makers Van Leeuwen to created Macaroni & Cheese flavour ice cream.

The announcement of the sweet-savoury dessert was met with derision by many social media users, but every tub has now sold out, so clearly some people were at least intrigued enough to give it a try.

Van Leeuwen says it is working on whipping up more of the divisive dairy product, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at some other interesting ice cream flavours from around the world you could cool down with…

1. Goat’s cheese and red cherry

Another cheesy concoction, this tangy treat from American artisan brand Jeni’s, based in Ohio brings together locally sourced goat’s cheese and chunks of sweet red cherry.

2. Cereal milk

Do you greedily slurp up the sweet milk that’s left when you’ve finished a bowl of cereal? Then you’ll love this Cereal Milk ice cream from New York’s Milk Bar.

3. Chilli

The Scottish spice specialist behind Richie’s Chilli Sauces has created three different chilli-infused ice creams that blend fruity flavours (mango, coconut and raspberry) with a hint of heat.

4. Squid ink

Often found in Japan and Korea, soft serve squid ink ice cream is jet black with a creamy, mildly salty flavour.

5. Soy sauce

Another Asian delicacy, soy sauce ice cream is a bit like the Eastern version of salted caramel. You can try it yourself by topping vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of dark soy sauce.

6. Fish and chips

(Little Moons/PA)
(Little Moons/PA)

New this summer from Little Moons, you’ll find seaside-inspired fish and chip flavoured ice cream inside limited edition mochi dough balls.

7. Corn

New York institution Max and Mina’s is famous for its experimental approach to ice cream, always coming up with new and unusual flavours. The latest? Some corn-based batches: butter corn, pickled corn and chilli lime corn, corn roasted nuts.

8. Wasabi

This Japanese import has recently landed in the freezer aisle at Lidl, and the shopping baskets of adventurous eaters, who say the combination of cold ice cream and hot wasabi is surprisingly tasty.