Now you can design a ring that looks just like Hailey Baldwin's and get it in 7-10 days

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber confirmed Tuesday that they’re engaged. (Photo: JustinBieber via Instagram)

Beliebers everywhere were stunned when they found out that Justin Bieber had popped the question to Hailey Baldwin after only a few weeks of dating. For his bride-to-be, Bieber gave Baldwin a custom-made ring featuring an oval cut diamond with two interlocking gold bands. The diamond is estimated to be between 6 and 8 carats and worth a reported $2 million.

For those who are big fans of the ring, you’re in luck. Starting Tuesday, Vrai & Oro, an L.A. based jewelry startup is putting the role of “designer” right at your fingertips — meaning if you want a replica of Baldwin’s ring, you can design it. Through its new digital design studio, Vrai & Oro is revolutionizing the way buyers shop for an engagement ring.

“Design Studio was inspired by the requests of our customers, as well as how we, as modern women, want to choose our engagement rings,” founder and creative director Vanessa Stofenmacher tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Traditionally, the engagement ring experience is daunting and complex, often compared to buying a used car. We want to simplify the process by combining convenience, transparency, personalization, and inclusivity into one. Our goal is to put the power of design into our customer’s hands. Their ring will be a part of their life forever, so we believe they should be involved in the process.” 

The company partnered with diamond producer Diamond Foundry to launch special technology that gives customers the ability to customize every detail of a ring and see exactly how it will look via mockups on a computer or mobile device (similar to the way NikeiD works).

Vrai & Oro custom rings. (Photo: Courtesy of Vrai & Oro)

In its virtual design studio, you can customize every detail, from the diamond’s carat size and shape to the band’s color, metal type, and polish, and more. Once a design is selected, a mold of the ring is 3D-printed, cast, and hand-set by Vrai & Oro’s L.A. team. Customers then receive the ring within 7-10 days upon ordering.

Customers can design a ring from their mobile phone. (Photo: Courtesy of Vrai & Oro)
You can customize every detail, from the diamond’s carat size and shape to the band’s color, metal type, and polish, and more. (Photo: Courtesy of Vrai & Oro)

Pick an oval cut diamond and gold band just like Baldwin’s, or choose from over 3,500 style variations.

“Democratizing the jewelry industry has always been something we’ve stood behind, whether that’s how we price our pieces or what materials we’re using to create them. Embracing technology has allowed us to take our ideas even further, and we’re excited to see where it takes us next,” Stofenmacher says. 

Sustainability is also vital to Vrai & Oro’s ethos, and the company prides itself on using diamonds grown from solar power. The company says it has decided to base all of its manufacturing operations in L.A. to ensure ethical practices and the highest quality product.

Vrai & Oro uses diamonds grown from solar power. (Photo: Courtesy of Vrai & Oro)

Now that your perfect engagement stunner is just a few clicks away, ring shopping just got a little easier.

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