You Can Now Buy A Personalised Cadbury Advent Calendar

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We're no strangers to a chocolate advent calendar. Hey, we're even pretty familiar with the boozy ones too. But we're yet to see many personalised advents pop up and surprise us.

Sure, there's the one our mum makes us every Christmas, but we've never been treated to an advent calendar with our actual name on...

Luckily for us, Cadbury has released one.

Available to purchase online now via gifts retailer, Prezzy Box, you can get your hands on a personalised advent calendar, courtesy of Cadbury, for just £12.99. Behind the doors you'll find none other than 24 chunks of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Wholenut and Dairy Milk Caramel.

If this isn't the best way to countdown December days, we don't know what is!

Perfect for lovers of Cadbury Dairy Milk, this advent calendar comes with the option to personalise two lines (up to 20 characters each).

If you're looking for something a bit more boujie, then let us introduce Ferrero Rocher's latest advent calendar.

As you’d imagine, behind every window of the Ferrero Rocher advent calendar is either a classic version of the fancy-pants chocolate, or a dark one (Ferrero Rondnoir), which is a delicious combination of tastes and textures from fine wafer and rich creamy cocoa filling to a dark chocolate heart. Then there are also the white versions (Raffaello): white Californian almonds and coconut.

You can pick up a Ferrero Rocher advent calendar from Morrisons for £12.

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