You can now buy your own custom shade of foundation

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Do you struggle to find the perfect foundation in your natural skin tone? In January we got excited about a website that could find every brand of foundation in your preferred shade with minimal effort. Now the L'Oréal-owned beauty brand Lancôme has taken it one step further, enabling you to create your very own custom foundation.

Le Teint Particulier Custom Foundation launches exclusively at Harrods on Friday. When it was rolled out in the US at Nordstrom stores, it was hailed as the future for make-up, allowing everyone to finally buy a foundation in their true skin tone.

The foundation machine works by using an innovative facial scanner to calculate your exact skin tone, then concocts a bespoke foundation with optimum coverage, finish, and hydration levels based on your readings.

Lancôme describes the technology as:

"The most sophisticated and unique service in cosmetics. To protect against oxidation and maintain colour accuracy, the custom-made technology is equipped with eight peristaltic heart pumps for an airtight blending and dispensing process. The innovative technology allows for customised coverage, finish and moisturising."

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The micro-fill technology creates a "high-impact, pigmented" formula that is ultra-light, breathable, long-wearing, free from oil, fragrance and parabens, and safe for sensitive complexions.

The foundation also has a buildable, satin-finish coverage that "glides on easily to flatter and hydrate" – no matter what your readings are – designed "with neutral and natural undertones to create an ultra-flawless finish that's like a second skin".

The machine then whips up your very own white bottle (labelled with your name and foundation ID, which you can easily use as a reference to have your formula recreated again and again), and will retail for £90 for a 30ml bottle. Yes, custom-blending comes at quite a price.

In October, the foundation will launch in Lancôme's home of Paris - but until then Londoners and their perfectly-matched faces can enjoy European exclusivity.

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