You can now buy medicine on Deliveroo and have it delivered in 30 minutes

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Remember when supermarkets like the Co-Op and Marks & Spencer's suddenly appeared on the food delivery app, Deliveroo, and everybody thought we'd hit peak technology? Not so, my friends, as the service has now teamed up with Lloyd's Pharmacy to deliver medicine and other essential supplies to your door.

Given that we're still not quite back to normal following a three-month stint in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic (in fact, Leicester have just been ordered to do a two week local lockdown by the government), this will be a welcome development for those who are still unable to leave their homes.

Many of those on the shielding list, including the elderly and people with certain health conditions, have said they're still staying indoors as much as possible over concerns that they could fall ill.

Sharing a list of what customers can order via Deliveroo, Lloyd's Pharmacy told Cosmopolitan UK the following items will be available from 16 stores across the country starting from this week:

● PPE Equipment: Masks, hand sanitizers and gloves
● Hayfever Helpers: Antihistamines, eye drops and nasal spray
● First Aid: Plasters, bandages, antiseptic wipes and antiseptic cream
● Children’s Medicine: Calpol, chickenpox relief, teething gel, decongestants and ear thermometers
● Pain Relief: Ibuprofen and paracetamol
● Cold & Flu Relief: Nasal Spray, cough medicine and throat lozenges
● Intimate Health: Always Panty liners and pads and the TENA range
● Digestive Health: Rehydration sachets and diarrhoea relief

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Initially rolling out in a range of cities, including Southampton, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Bristol, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge and Coventry, the plan is to then extend to a further 24 Lloyd's Pharmacy stores in the UK.

Although the pharmacy chain already offer a next day delivery service through its website, this new venture means customers could receive their order in as little as half an hour.

Side note: how excellent would this be if you feel unwell but have no cold and flu capsules in the house and the thought of dragging yourself out of bed to the corner shop feels like the equivalent of having to climb Mount Everest in some poor-fitting stilettos? We're very much here for it.

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