You Can Now Buy Marshmallow Flavoured Maltesers And They're INCRED

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Photo credit: Maltesers - Getty Images
Photo credit: Maltesers - Getty Images

Maltesers are so moreish that every time we open a bag, they're gone in a matter of seconds. Who can blame us? There's just something so incredibly delicious about those airy chocolate balls.

So, as soon as we discovered that a brand-new flavour had made its way over to the UK, we just had to let you guys know. Say hello to Marshmallow Maltesers!

Spotted in B&M and on sale for just £2.99 a bag, these marshmallow-flavoured chocolate treats have caused quite the stir on Instagram and Facebook.

First brought to our attention by John's Snack Reviews on Instagram, followed by Facebook group, Snack Reviews, the Maltesers have collectively gathered over 1,000 likes along with hundreds of comments from fans of the chocolate snack.

Although, people can't figure out whether they like the sound of these or not. Will they taste like s'mores? Will they taste like marshmallow whatsoever? Well, there's only one way to find out...

Previously only available to purchase via GB Gifts online, the Australian-imported treats can now be found in B&M for £2.99.

In other chocolate news, have you heard about Cadbury's latest announcement? The chocolate giant has revealed that it will be hiding a load of very special Creme Eggs in stores across the UK, and if you happen to find one, it could be worth £10,000.

Yep! The competition will put your willpower to the test, because to claim the cash prize of up to £10,000, fans need to keep their winning egg intact, resisting every urge to eat it. Good luck!

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