You Can Now Buy Harry Ramsden’s Iconic Frozen Fish And Chips From Iceland

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Harry Ramsden’s is the godfather of fish and chips. You could even say he’s the codfather of fish and chips.

Oh, come on… that was funny and you know it.

Anyhoo, usually you can only have a Harry Ramsden’s fish and chip tea at one of his restaurants. But thanks to Iceland, you can now buy the iconic products frozen so you can stock up your freezer and enjoy a fish a chip supper anytime you like.

Included in the range are your classics like cod fillets, scampi, steak pies and battered sausages. Plus, it’s not a proper chippy tea without mushy peas and chip shop curry sauce, right?

And don’t forget dessert – there’s also a sticky toffee pudding for you to get stuck into.

Photo credit: Iceland
Photo credit: Iceland

The full range includes:

  • Jumbo Battered Atlantic Cod Fillets (£5, two-pack)

  • Jumbo Battered Sausages (£3, two-pack)

  • Jumbo Wholetail Scampi (£3)

  • Steak Pie (£4)

  • Jumbo Atlantic Haddock Fillets (£5, two-pack)

  • Jumbo Salt & Vinegar Battered Fish Fillets (£5, two-pack)

  • Ultimate Cod Fillet Strips (£5)

  • Jumbo Wholetail Scampi (£3)

  • Battered Sausages (£3, two-pack

  • Salt & Vinegar Battered Sausages (£3, four-pack)

  • Chip Shop Curry Battered Sausages (£2.50, four-pack)

  • Chunky British Maris Piper Chippy Chips (£2)

  • Mushy Peas (£1.00, two-pot-packs)

  • Chip Shop Curry Sauce (£1.00, two-pot-packs)

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding (£2)

Photo credit: Iceland
Photo credit: Iceland

Andrew Staniland, Trading Director for Frozen at Iceland, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with such an iconic restaurant to bring the familiar flavours of Harry Ramsden’s Fish & Chips to our customers. As an Iceland exclusive range, there’s nowhere else to get your fix of Harry Ramsden’s world-famous dishes.”

You can buy the new Harry Ramsden range in Iceland from 2 June.

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