You can now buy crisps which taste like katsu curry and could spice up your BBQ offering

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You can't far wrong with a bag of crisps and, while we love a packet of salt and vinegar as much as the next person, we've been impressed by plenty of inventive new flavours in recent years.

Now a new variety has arrived just in time to spice up your barbecue offering and add a new crunch to your picnic. At Sainsbury's you can now get your hands on katsu curry tortilla chips which look incredibly tasty.

The tortilla ‘scoops’ are oval shaped as opposed to triangle, which helps them pick up maximum amount of dips and sauces, making them perfect for dunking.

The crisps are described as being flavoured with mixed spices and coconut, much like the popular katsu dish sold at some so many high street restaurants.

Photo credit: Sainsbury's
Photo credit: Sainsbury's

You can pick up a 200g bag from Sainsbury’s for just 95p.

As well as savoury surprise new flavours, there is a new sweet-inspired crisp on the way. Dorito’s recently announced that it was launching a strawberries and cream flavour. While it might be Wimbledon season, we're not sure we're convinced.

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Doritos shared a post on Instagram saying that a new flavour was coming. And that new flavour was, indeed, strawberries and cream.

Alongside a photo of the new flavour (the packaging is a huge strawberry being splashed with cream), the caption read: “Strawberries & Cream Doritos, you didn’t ask for them, but you’ll definitely want to try them.”

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