You Can Now Buy Colin The Caterpillar Cheesecake Slices From M&S

You Can Now Buy Colin The Caterpillar Cheesecake Slices From M&S

There isn't a Colin the Caterpillar launch that hasn't impressed us (no — seriously, we really mean that). From Colin Frappés to Colin Cake-Away Tubs, and Colin Advent Calendars to Colin Cookie Kits, it's fair to say we've got Colin's back. Even so, we didn't think he had lots more to give. What more could he (and the M&S team) possibly do? Well, weren't we wrong...

Marks & Spencer's latest drop is the definition of something we never knew we needed. Say hello to Colin the Caterpillar Cheesecake Slices. Yes — M&S has only gone and taken things up a notch by throwing cheesecake into the mix! And who doesn't love cheesecake?

Spotted online via several profiles including @kevssnackreviews, @newfoodsuk and @helenjtea, the new slices feature a chocolate biscuit base with indulgent chocolate cheesecake, loaded with brownie chunks and chocolate sauce. We've got to give credit to the team behind this one at Marks & Spencer, they've gone above and beyond!

You can get your hands on these Colin the Caterpillar Cheesecake Slices for just £5 from M&S stores now.

Elsewhere in the world of Marks & Sparks, the retailer has already released its advent calendar range. We're talking a Marks & Spencer's 24 Biscuits 'Til Christmas Advent Calendar, a House Of Whips Advent Calendar, a Dachshund Through The Snow Advent Calendar, and a Percy Pig Advent Calendar.