What November has in store for your star sign

November 2019 horoscopes for every star sign
What November has in store for your star signCosmopolitan UK

Want to know what's in store for your star sign for November 2022? It's all in the cards...


(Ace of Cups, Queen of Swords, King of Cups)

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A new relationship, or phase in an existing one, emerges this November with the loving, supportive and equitable Ace of Cups. This is how it’s meant to be, this is the ~right one~ for you, in the right way. The Queen of Swords and King of Cups show that the key here is balance. You are able, with this person, to have your freedom and fun, as well as feel adored and needed. You are a passionate person and you love hard, but you also get bored in nano-seconds and need space and freedom to play and frolic. This person now lets you have that, and it brings out the best of you, which means your love and respect for each other can grow. When you bring your best self to the table, you’re irresistible. This person is the catalyst for this.


(Seven of Cups, The Empress, Four of Wands)

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Creative cards this November, Taurus. You are making something, bringing something to life, forming a pitch or idea or invention. The Empress and Seven of Cups sees you working on a passion, a heartfelt project, a labour of love. This is something you can pour your significant creative abilities into and it feels good. You are ruled by Venus and this gifts you with an eye for aesthetic and beauty, a talent for creation, a skill when it comes to presenting something perfectly. The Four of Wands reveals this is related to work and could be the catalyst for a promotion, a raise, a new expansion of your role, or even just a major piece of recognition. You are due to rise to the ~next level~ and what you’re working on is proof of that.


(Six of Cups, The Emperor, Nine of Cups)

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Wonderful cards, Gemini, and they combine to create an invitation for you to activate a childhood talent, activity or daydream and make it real. The Six of Cups is the nostalgia card, revealing that something from your past is due to make a return to your current world. The Nine of Cups is a dream come true pass. You can make this dream a reality now. You can go back to a childhood wish and breathe life into it. What could it be?
The Emperor reveals you are the boss here now. You have the power that you perhaps didn’t before, and therefore now is the time to manifest this wish. Where once you were ~done to~, now you can be the ~doer~.

Look back, walk down Memory Lane, return to old daydreams, revisit past talents and hobbies, reminisce about what made you happy once-upon-a-time. It’s time to make this real.


(Three of Swords, Knight of Swords, Knight of Coins)

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Your astrological symbol is the crab which represents your soft, sensitive innards protected by that hard, impenetrable shell. The cards this November reveal that trait will be very much in play. You will be protecting yourself, defending your emotional centre, hiding your heart. And for good reason.

The Knight of Swords asks you to fight and to put up your boxing gloves. Don’t take this lying down. Don’t let them walk over you. The Knight of Coins shows you need to put your defence first, over and above attack (no matter how tempting it is to strike back). Be shrewd, patient, determined and resolute. Build a wall and watch them fall against it. Shut the door, lock it, and wait for them to go away.

The Three of Swords is the driving force here. Someone has treated you poorly and, frankly, it’s time to block them out. Surgically remove their influence over your feelings. Harden your shell. Be tough.


(Seven of Coins, Seven of Wands, King of Coins)

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A challenge or pressure test, with the rivalry-giving Seven of Wands, has made you see things differently. You could almost thank your foe because their interference has shown you the truth or potential of something that you didn’t see before. The Seven of Coins shows you changing course as a result, and approaching this situation differently. It could be related to work, money or even family.

The King of Coins reassures you that this is a sound life lesson and you’re wise to act on the information and insight. This will help you empower yourself, feel in control and like you’ve got your finger on the pulse of things. You were born to be a leader. That life path can take time to emerge because leadership is often earned, or taken, and you need strength for that. You are now stronger.


(Page of Swords, Four of Coins, Three of Coins)

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You’ve been hanging around at a major cross roads in your life’s path recently, pondering the next step. The Page of Swords shows your confusion, your doubts, your second guessing of the situation. You can see both sides, you blow hot and cold over your options.

The Four of Coins warns that you could end up stuck in a rut if you don’t make a move this November. It’s time to decide. Can I give you a clue? The Three of Coins asks you to take the untrodden path ahead, the new direction, the turn in the road. People will support you, there are hidden admirers of your attitude and efforts, and they will emerge should you take this risk. Do it - things will work out great!


(Eight of Wands, Eight of Swords, Ten of Coins)

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Look around, open your eyes, pay attention to what others are doing and how they’re doing it and what you could learn / poach / nick from their lessons and results. The Eights of Wands and Swords combine to urge you to look outside of your own activity and lifestyle to find new inspiration and ideas. Don’t keep on doing the same thing, getting the same results. Do something new. And find the inspiration for what that new thing is by observing, and talking to, other people who’re doing what you wish you could. Live and learn.

The Ten of Coins reveals THIS is your accelerated route to success and prosperity right now, this is how you progress and get ahead. This is where you make great headway in your money, home, work and health ambitions. Be a copycat - in the nicest possible way!


(Queen of Cups, Five of Coins, Temperance)

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Be kind to yourself this November, Scorpio, because the Five of Coins sees you being a little regretful or sad over a past event which hurt you or presented a difficult challenge in your life. My friend, that has passed now, it’s over, you don’t need to dwell on it. Take time, with the nurturing Queen of Cups, to process the emotions you feel, and to heal. Give yourself time and space, but know that the worst IS over and you can move ahead. You don’t need to linger here.

Temperance shows a deep-rooted shift in your outlook and priorities will occur that enables you to finally swallow this bitter pill and let it digest and disappear! It has taken a long time to get your head (and heart) around it all, but you are about to complete that journey and reach a new destination, a new position. You have extracted the life lesson and feel ready to apply it. Let yourself evolve.


(Ten of Wands, Seven of Swords, The Star)

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If you don’t centre yourself in your own life story and take control of the narrative, you will end up playing a supporting role in someone else’s. That fate is not for you, Sagittarius, you’re a leading person!

The Seven of Swords and Ten of Wands show that someone has been browbeating you to do what they want, see things their way, align with their agenda. And, actually, deep down, you don’t want to. My friend, express yourself. Say no. Stand firm. Let them do their thing but tell them you don’t want to join them in it.

The Star asks you to refocus on your own goals, ambitions, plans, ideas and entertainment. Put yourself first. This person has overwhelmed and henpecked you for so long, you’ve lost sight of your own story. Regain the centre ground. Take control. Be the star of your show!


(Six of Swords, Nine of Swords, The Tower)

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You’ve been catastrophising. Why do you do this to yourself? The root cause of it all is the hidden fear you keep close to your chest, as shown by the anxious Nine of Swords, about the consequences of leaving something (or someone), as shown by the Six of Swords. Cap, it IS the right time to go. I know departures and endings can be scary because 'better the devil you know', right? Well, trust me when I say that a better ~devil~ lies ahead and you are well ready to make this leap. Why else would you have been thinking about it so much, if not?

The Tower shows that if you don’t make this move yourself, it’s likely the Universe will kick in and nudge you anyway. Take control of this situation. Make a firm choice. Move on to something new.


(Eight of Coins, Five of Swords, Three of Cups)

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November is a mixed bag of tricks, all of which is laced with fun and enjoyment though, so make sure you’re working AND playing hard. The Eight of Coins asks you to dig in and push ahead with your projects, to-do lists, and tasks. Don’t give up on things even if you’re weary and can’t see the end game anymore. Breakthroughs are coming. You are close to success.

The Five of Swords throws in a few curveballs. You might need to address some areas of conflict or pressure. See the ~noise~ as a signal, simply drawing your focus to a problem needing a resolution. Don’t amp up the drama. Get to the root cause and nip it in the bud.
And the Three of Cups reminds you to have a lot of fun too! Schedule good times, play, fun and relaxation along the way. Work hard, play hard.


(The High Priestess, Eight of Cups, Two of Cups)

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Cosmopolitan UK

There are parts of an important relationship which you need to release and chalk up to past experience, letting them go for good. The Eight of Cups asks you to accept some things are not going to pan out, that reality hasn’t lived up to your vision, that what you hoped for might not be possible. The High Priestess shows the only person who can figure out if this relationship is still worth it is YOU. It’s time to turn inwards, check in with how you feel now you know the truth of it, understand your deal breakers and tune in to your emotions. We all have to make compromises and adjustments. We all face difficulties when we’re involved with people for a long time, facing life’s challenges together, growing on our own and together.

The Two of Cups shows you CAN overcome this phase and, actually, come through stronger than ever. There is real love and affection here. There is admiration and respect. There is a desire to carry on, make changes, figure out a new dynamic and progress. Don’t give up.
But take your time to work out how you truly feel and then go from there. Start by expressing yourself.

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