'Nothing is safe in our cars': Bucks residents spot masked thieves on motorcycles

'Nothing is safe in our cars': Bucks woman <i>(Image: Google)</i>
'Nothing is safe in our cars': Bucks woman (Image: Google)

A woman from Bucks said her neighbours saw four people in balaclavas smash the window of her Range Rover and steal four sets of golf clubs.

Kristin Beyer, who lives on St Peter Street in Marlow, said three sets of golf clubs were stolen from her Range Rover outside her property on Monday, September 18.

Kristin said her neighbours had seen four people wearing balaclavas break into the car after arriving on motorcycles at around 10pm.

"As they were stealing the golf clubs, they kept revving their motorcycle engines, making a lot of noise which alerted a couple of neighbours.

"One neighbour confronted one of them as they were removing the clubs from the car, but they were very threatening so he backed off."

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She added: "My clubs were only supposed to be in the car for one night as we are in the process of moving house.

"It appears that nothing is safe in our cars at night, even on a brightly lit street with no people around."

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said the force received a report of a theft from a vehicle in St Peter Street at around 10:05pm on September 18.

They added: “An investigation into the incident took place, that has since concluded. The investigation has been filed pending further information coming to light.

“If you have any information, please call 101 or make a report online quoting reference 43230419700.”

Police have not confirmed the identity of the alleged offenders.