Notes on chocolate: Easter bunnies with added bounce

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I am in London. I do visit cities not beginning with L (see Leeds last week), but not at the moment. My youngest has a PD day, hence no school today.

In Selfridges, for old times’ sake, we buy some Lola’s cupcakes (the red velvets can’t be bettered) and then I spy a Venchi small Easter egg called Brutto & Buono (ugly and good): milk chocolate with hazelnut pieces.

Traditionally, brutti ma buoni (ugly but good) are little biscuits made from egg whites, sugar and hazelnut pieces. They probably originated from bakery left-overs, scraped together and dolloped on baking trays. But this little egg (70g) is definitely ugly and good. In fact, only one of those monikers proves correct.

I go to pay. ‘It’s £12.99,’ says the cashier, looking at me incredulously. It is a lot. Especially if you eat it before you leave the store, as I may have done.

The Venchi egg varies in thickness, which is my downfall, this is because in searching for the wonderful thick bits (the thin bits don’t do it for me), I ate rather more than I had planned to, because it was delicious. But who’s judging.

Two more Easter offerings which are fun, and small. Melt’s Maracca egg, £6.50, beautiful chocolate, beautifully wrapped with chocolate pearls therein (I had the milk version).

And Bullion bunnies, £12 for 3, which are thick, attitudey rabbits in dark salted, milk or coffee version. You can choose which flavours you get. The latter was my favourite.

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