Not Yet Settled On An Advent Calendar? Lindt Is Selling A Fill Your Own One!

It's 2022, and the choice us greedy lot get in advent calendars is, quite frankly, astonishing (in a good way, obvs). From caffeinated numbers to booze-filled picks, and even the nation's first candy floss advent, it's fair to say we've got a lot to choose from come Christmas time. And the choice isn't stopping there...

Spotted online via @thesymestribe on TikTok (also known as Danielle, Mum of 9), it turns out that you can now buy Lindt Pick & Mix Advent Calendars – and yes, that's a 24 door empty advent calendar that you get to fill with whatever chocolate you fancy, providing it's Lindt, of course.

Danielle's post has racked up a huge 800,000 views along with thousands of likes and comments from likeminded chocoholics. One person said, "Only £12 omg off I go," while another tagged a friend and commented, "I WANT THIS ONE."

Available in-store and online, you can pick up one of these customisable advent calendars for just £12 a pop!

Elsewhere in the world of advent calendars, M&S recently unveiled its range for 2022 including everything from 24 Biscuits 'Til Christmas to House Of Whips, Dachshund Through The Snow and a Percy Pig Advent Calendar.

Marks & Spencer's 24 Biscuits 'Til Christmas Advent Calendar costs just £8, and comes with 24 vanilla, honeycomb and clementine biscuit creams. We can't think of a better way to spend our December mornings.

marks and spencer advent calendars
Marks & Spencer