If You’re Not Twisting Your Bacon When You Cook It Then You’re Missing Out

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

TikTok food hacks just keep getting better and better - from Baked Feta Pasta to Accordion Potatoes, we love them all!

This latest one promises to give you the best bacon of your life, and you’re not going to argue with that, are you?

Plus, it's a keto lover's dream!

According to @richardeats, if you want your bacon to be crispy AND chewy (the best combination, in my personal opinion), then the key is to twist it. Yup… you have to twist that bacon up realllllllllll nice.

In his video, which has now been viewed over 100k times, Richard takes some streaky bacon and twists each rasher a few times – they kind of resemble Cheese Straws when he’s finished with them. He then places the bacon twists on a wire rack over tin foil (this makes cleaning up a million times easier). Then under a hot grill they go.

When he takes the bacon twists out, they’re deliciously crispy and still chewy and flavoursome.

This is a great way to upgrade your BLT sandwiches, or, tbh, these would just be delicious dipped in your favourite sauces. Or, maybe I’m crazy, but if you’re planning on having a Bloody Mary this weekend, sticking one of these in there would be pretty impressive right? I’ve seen much madder things in a Bloody Mary, in fairness…

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