Not sure what to get the runner in your life? Here's a huge array of ideas

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The best gift ideas for runners

Buying for runners is a breeze: who doesn't need more accessories, snacks and treats or a new pair of kicks? But we've also got original and quirky ideas from personalised prints to gadgets to help nail that training nutrition. However, if you want something more classic, do check out our guides to the best running watches, the best running headphones and the best running shoes.

The best gifts for runners 2022

El Camino personalised bracelet

Personalise one of these lovely bracelets with silver beads adorned with the names of the marathons your lucky recipient has run - or dreams of running. Or you can opt for bucket list destinations and little adventure icons - whatever you chose, it's a lovely thoughtful gift

Cyberjammies pyjamas

It's Christmas, when if you aren't running, you must be in cosy pyjamas. Them's the rules. And really, look outside? It's probably pouring again, basically dark by about 2pm, so really, do you want to be wearing anything else anyway? Cyberjammies are the best. Super soft, a huge variety of styles for men, women and kids too.

Presca Coffee

We love it when a sportswear company shares our love of coffee. This meticulously sourced coffee is roasted in Bristol and sold by Presca, the world's first climate positive sportswear brand. Check out their lovely organic hoodies too.


Fleecy on the inside, warm and waterproof on the outside, this is a robe to dive into after an open water swim or a winter run, or to keep you warm and dry on epic adventures. It's sustainably made with a recycled polyester fleece inner, and a recycled nylon outer shell. It's got taped seams and more pockets than your wildest dreams. And you can even get it personalised now (until December 2nd) with custom embroidery for £40.

Mighty Music

Since the end of the late lamented iPod Shuffle, nothing has ever taken its place in our affections. Nothing, it is, until now. The Mighty is indeed a mighty device in a tiny package. It clips on to your clothing in that familiar way, can hold five or more hours of your music which you download directly from Spotify or Amazon, and has a superb battery life. For runners who love their tunes, it's a sure fire Christmas hit.

Ember smart mug

You will never have to sip at a rapidly cooling or - worse - stone cold mug of tea or coffee again. It's a game changer. This smart mug keeps your brew at the exact temperature of your choice.

Nanoleaf lines starter kit

Light bars so smart they've got a higher IQ than you. What better way to relax than lie back and watch the colours change in time to your favourite songs, or sync them to a film or even a game you play - they will adapt to the colours on the screen. Magic.

Breville coffee machine

Hot coffee or your favourite drink over ice at the touch of a button. You just fill with water, scoop in your favourite coffee and press start. Perfect for those who just want nice coffee, not a mountain of foamy milk with a vague hint of bean ...

Russell and Atwell Chilled Chocolates

Why, asks the maker of these delicious chocolates, are we still eating long life products when we could be eating fresh ones? Taste these and you'll be asking yourself the same question. In a variety of flavours from salted caramel to classic milk, these are almost too good to gift to someone else.

Ariat beanie

So warm you won’t want to take it off after your run. Or before your run. They will have to prise it off your head in the spring. Also comes in a very nice 'forest mint' colour.

Contigo travel mug

Nothing better than having a hot drink to warm you up after a winter run or race. This leakproof, dishwasher-safe mug will keep a cuppa or chocolate piping hot and ready to revive at the finish line or after a session. In fact it keeps them warm for 5 hours. Enough time for an ultra!

Lululemon gloves

Keep your fingers warm when it’s chilly but not freezing out. Plenty of reflective details help with visibility, and you can operate your phone while wearing them due to their tech-friendly fingers.

JLab wireless earbuds

True wireless Bluetooth ear buds with a great battery life. They are lightweight, very comfortable and the audio quality is excellent. Hard to beat these nifty, well designed J Lab numbers at such a great budget price.

RENPHO Smart Skipping Rope

Skipping is a brilliant workout for runners (or indeed anyone else) and this smart rope makes it fun with a counter and an app where you can track and help build towards goals. You can even follow one of our skipping workouts to get the best out of it.

Melo Meditation Aid

This beautifully-designed little gadget is designed to help you combat stress, and who doesn't need that? It's essentially a breathing exercise device for wellness and mindfulness that is perfect for beginners. The perfect gift for someone who needs to calm and relax.

Pantherella cashmere socks

Given the horrors we runners put our feet through, it's only fair to treat them to some super soft cashmere socks. Pantherella socks are the best, made from Italian cashmere and designed and made in their factory in Leicestershire which has been operating since 1937. You can even get a pair monogrammed for a luxury gift.

Scalextric 1980s Set

It's like all your childhood dreams have come true. The best way to spend Christmas day: run, then build this and race the kids (or adults) as Michael Knight in K.T.T. or Marty McFly in the Back to the Future. This set contains everything you need, including two cars, power, over 5.3 metres of track including a crossover, side swipe and 2 hand controllers. Toy heaven.

Eye mask set

Who doesn't need more sleep? Whether you are buying for someone with a marathon to train for or who just deserves some down time, help them get a better night's sleep with this lovely silk set.

Ren Clean Skincare Set

Pamper the weary runner's limbs with a gift set of bath and body lotion. The quality is top notch and the set comes in 100% recycled plastic bottles, including 20% ocean plastic.

Crockpot Slow Cooker

Know someone who loves a long run? What better way to finish one than with a slow cooked, hot meal waiting for you. With a digital timer that lets you prepare anything from 20 hours to 30 minutes in advance, and a 4.7 litre bowl - so enough space for a family meal or batch cooking to save on time.

Cocoa Canopy Hot Chocolate

The most delicious hot chocolate we've tasted - these tiny beads of chocolate melt to make a gorgeous drink. You can eat even them with a spoon, should an emergency arise. This gift set includes a little whisk and some vegan marshmallows (no gelatine) as well.

Feel Fit Leggings

Premium leggings are now absolutely everywhere but few are of as high quality as Feel Fits (though many are a lot more expensive). They are made of a beautifully soft, silky material that feels great but also performs brilliantly. And even better, they are made from recycled plastic waste and discarded fishing nets, plus the company plants a tree for every purchase. You can get matching items too.

Sneakerheads poster

The perfect present for a trainer obsessive. This brilliantly designed print celebrates the greatest hits in sneaker design, all in the shape of the iconic Nike Air Max. Check out their other posters too for more sports-inspired prints, and a whole lot more.

Dualit hand blender

Kitchen gadgets are legion but few really get used as much as you'd wish. Here's the exception - this brilliant powerful blender can be used for everything from blending soups to making curry pastes or mixing your protein smoothies. It can chop and whisk too. It does the job many much larger, more expensive gadgets too, and takes far less space.

Cantium Gin Gift

Cantium was the Roman word for Kent, which is where this gin is made, using local botanicals. The best thing - other than the quality of the gin of course - is that the bottle is actually a reusable flask which can then be repurposed to carry hot or cold drinks.

Zwilling Fresh Save Set

For the organised runner who wants to meal prep or hates waste (and don't we all?) this set is brilliant. It comes with reusable vacuum bags and boxes and a pump, which at the simple touch of a button extracts the air from the bags and boxes. The food is therefore compactly vacuum-sealed, so it lasts up to five times longer and takes up less space. Easy to use and more than earns its keep in waste reduction.

Sweet treats

Everyone loves an old fashioned sweet and this lovely gift set is a great gift to send directly in the post to someone you want to treat this Christmas but won't see in person.

Fils Washbag Mini Set

Fils are on a mission to reduce plastic wastage and we are fully on board. This great set features a stylish vegan leather travel washbag and four refillable mini travel bottles. And unlike the usual plastic kind, the bottles are really robust and great looking.

Blyss Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can help soothe nerves, tackle insomnia and generally calm down those who need it. A lovely thoughtful gift for someone who needs a calming hug from a premium product.

Green People Gift Set

One for the younger runners in your life - a super ethical set for teen skin with soothing organic botanicals. For older runners you want to treat, check out the other lovely sets available from mens skincare to body pampering treats.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker

The perfect gift for someone who spends hours of their life looking for their misplaced purse/wallet/phone/Garmin or other essential item. Just attach one of the Tiles to your frequently-lost item and voila, hours of wasted time saved. Yours and theirs.

Wimbledon Scented Candle

Perfect gift for lovers of the grass courts and of the best sporting event of the summer. Relax and dream of warm days, Pimms and the sound of ball hitting racket. And yes, there is also a strawberry-scented version.

Polar Verity Sense heart rate monitor

If you’re not a fan of chest-based heart-rate monitors and the restrictive feeling they can bring, then Polar’s arm-based sensor provides more accurate HR readings than a watch-based sensor while comfortably strapped round your arm.

Puresport CBD muscle and joint balm

Designed to be applied to muscles or joints that you’ve twinged or are simply overworked, this CBD-based balm is 0% THC and, at 1,000mg, is higher strength than most.

Winter Run Gloves

You can never give a runner too many accessories at Christmas. CEP are best known for their compression socks but they make great accessories too, including these top quality gloves. They have touch functionality so you can use your smartphone, reflective detailing and come with a clip to hold them together. No more single gloves!

The Low & No-Alcohol mixed beer case

The ideal gift for anyone training for a marathon who’s given up booze for the Christmas period. Features some sterling craft brews from the likes of Big Drop, Thornbridge and Harbour.

Oofos Original sandal

Oofos makes shoes so soft you’d swear they were made from marshmallow Flumps. Your feet will crave them after every long run, as they’re designed to help your muscles recover.

Frahm Denim Jacket

Invest in something made to order that will be with you for life (though without the couture prices). This shacket is designed to move with you so it's perfect for active adventurers.

On Cloudmonsters

A treat for the feet - the On Cloudmonsters offer maximalist cushioning and a super comfy ride. The white version is far too pretty to risk near mud but fear not - it also comes in a whole variety of colours, including a new limited edition winter pair with reflective detailing.

Stance Atelier crew socks

Nothing says 'I love you' like a fresh pair of running socks. These are cushioned, sweat-wicking and the bold print looks great! Available in both men's and women's.

Sealskinz Beanie with LED Light

A super warm beanie with the bonus addition of an LED light, so it's perfect for winter time running. Keeps you warm, visible and gives you a surprising amount of light to see by on darker paths or roads. Great present for a runner who has to do all their runs in the dark.

Runderwear men's running boxer shorts

Stay chafe-free, supported and comfortable – there's a reason runners rave about Runderwear (check out these other pairs, too).

Hotel Chocolat chocolates

Christmas is the time to indulge and though you may be used to cracking open a tub of chocolates and rifling through for the flavour you like, how about treating a loved one (or yourself) to this Hotel Chocolat selection box. You'll notice the difference!

Training diary

A year's training diary for a runner, cyclist of triathlete to track their training and progress towards that goal. Plus, it's great to look back on after the big race and see how far they've come. This brilliant journal is suitable for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned pro. You can also start on any date.

Vibrating Wave Solo

The Theragun might have saved us from many a niggle but when it comes to portability, you can't beat the Wave Solo. This little device has three different vibration frequencies and is particularly good at getting to hard-to-reach areas. It's surprisingly quiet, too.

hylo Trainers

hylo have just launched the most sustainable running shoe we've come across. They are made from responsibly-sourced renewable materials and are themselves 100% recycleable. They feel great on and to cap it all off, they look fantastic. Admittedly, you wouldn't want to risk this beautiful white pair on a muddy day, but then consider the more practical black if that's a concern.

On Headband

Insulated to keep you warm on winter runs, and with hyper-reflective detailing to keep you safe too. Headbands are the best for cold days: hats can quickly become oppressively hot and it feels much more comfortable to wear something that keeps those ears warm without smothering you.

Grangers Clothing Care Kit

Looking after expensive running kit properly will extend its life and make the most of the money spent and this performance clothing care kit from Grangers does just that, cleaning technical fabrics and maintaining any coatings.

Balega socks

No runner would ever say no to another really good pair of running socks. Balega are superb quality, cushioning without bulk, super breathable and helping resist blisters and sore toes.

Mens socks

Maree Sports Bra

A really good sports bra is hard to find and not cheap, and thus makes for a great Christmas present. Maree makes a huge range of sizes in these comfortable bras that offer all the support you need for running.

Better You - magnesium bath flakes

Any runner will appreciate a hot bath postrun, no matter how far they've gone. These magnesium flakes are brilliant for soothing achy a game-changer. The balm forms an invisible barrier on the skin to help ward off chafing.

On socks

Did we mention we love new socks? These ones from On are some of the best we've run in. They are available in three lengths and a number of colours to suit every style of runner.

Shop men's here

Buff headband

A great winter accessory, this Buff headband is lightweight and breathable, while still being heat-retaining to provide extra warmth. It's also got a reflective design, which is great for keeping your runner safe when running in low light.

Flamingo Coasters

Lovely little cork-backed coasters make a gorgeous gift. Perfect for putting those protein shakes and recovery drinks on. Or your beer, we won't judge.

Runderwear women's running briefs

Designed to keep you running chafe-free, Runderwear are a popular choice. With a higher waistband and a seamless design, these are perfect for runners looking for extra support.

Ron Hill LED light clip

This LED light can be clipped onto any item of clothing or bag and lasts for 70 hours if kept on the permanent setting, or 100 hours when flashing. A great present for trail runners and run-commuters alike.

Black Castore X Reiss Cooper Track Pants

Performance trackpants and work-from-home joggers all in one. These are lightweight and breathable so you won't overheat on the run and have a wide, adjustable elastic waistband so you can run, work or relax in comfort.

Circular&Co reusable bottle

This bottle is created from 14 single-use bottles, so not only are you reducing the use of plastic bottles but you’re also recycling old ones. Ideal for post-run/gym cold drinks.

AeroPress coffee maker

You can brew delicious, smooth and complex coffee in just 30 seconds with this nifty and surprisingly affordable coffee maker. It's compact design makes it easy to transport, too – ideal for races away from home.

Sunday Runday long-sleeve T-shirt

Your runner probably wouldn't wear this on the run, but we're sure they'll love wearing it just about everywhere else. Available in a number of colours in men’s and women’s sizes.

Finisher running medal hanger

Give your runner somewhere to show off their medals with this 'finisher' medal hanger. The best part? It's available on Amazon prime, so will arrive tomorrow if you're looking for a last minute gift.

Runderwear anti-blister low-rise running socks (Unisex)

Helping to prevent blisters, like the rest of the Runderwear collection, these socks will help keep your runner chafe-free as they clock up the miles.


One of our favourite running belts on the market, the flipbelt can fit just about anything and lies flat against your waist, avoiding any distracting bouncing.

Mini foam roller

A perfect gift for a runner who travels, this handy roller can easily fit in a suitcase to use before or after a race. The design helps runners really work into the shins, soleus and Achilles.

Rechargeable LED armbands

A handy rechargeable armband that can be strapped onto your runner’s arm before they head out for a run. Each band has a charge of 2-5 hours.

GORE headband

Stay warm with this Gore headband. Designed for cool weather, it wicks sweat and keeps you warm.

Gelpacks Direct reusable hot and cold pack

Another great gift – this all-in-one heat and ice pack is perfect for relieving pain and comes with an elastic strap and protective sleeve.

A year of Runner's World

We might be biased, but we're pretty sure this is the perfect present for the runner in your life. In a year of Runner's World, they'll get expert training tips, reviews of the latest running gear, inspirational features from running pros and learn about upcoming events.

Race medal display frame

A display frame that can be customised to display the name and finish time of any marathon, half marathon, 10K or 5K, with room to hang the all-important medal with pride.

On lightweight cap

Of course, it's not all about winter kit. Running caps come in handy all year round, and this one from On is exceptionally good. Lightweight, breathable and available in three colours, it's a great gift for any runner.

Garmin heart rate monitor strap

If the runner in your life is starting to take things more seriously, a heart-rate-monitor strap can help them get more accurate data when training.

Custom made OS Maps

Whether it's just your favourite local loop, your house or a race that's special to you, why not get a custom map of the area with a location of your choice as the centre point. You can give it your own title, too.

Epic Runs of the World book

They might not be able to travel much right now, but that doesn't mean you can't give your runner some serious running inspiration.

Ron Hill arm pocket

With envelope access, this arm pocket comes in handy for storing mobile devices, nutrition and essential items on the run.

Knog headtorch

Running with a headtorch doesn’t mean you have to look like a miner. This one is slim, light, stylish and offers five light options and a range of 40 metres.

Lumie alarm clock

If the runner in your life is always late, this Lumie alarm clock will solve the problem. It wakes you up naturally with 30 minutes of light, so you feel properly refreshed and wide awake.

Aesop Fabulous face cleaner

Winter runs can wreak havoc on your skin and many soaps strip the skin of precious oils. Not this stuff; with its hydrating botanicals (bergamot, chamomile and rosemary), it cleanses with the gentleness you deserve.

Trigger Point grid foam roller

This best-selling roller is designed for targeted, deep-muscle work. It has different zones which are designed to act like different parts of the hand – and it's cheaper than a sports massage! You will know you’re doing it right if you really want to stop.

Cuisinart electric spice & nut grinder

Put aside that ancient pestle and mortar; this nifty – and very powerful – device will grind those nuts and spices to a fine powder in seconds. It’s easy to operate and clean, too. Time to get working on that big post-run curry.

Westlab bath salts

These bath salts will help tired legs recover and help your skin look great while doing so!


Give your smoothie-obsessed runner a serious blender upgrade with this high-speed Nutribullet. It's quick and easy to use and simple to clean; just rinse it under warm water and you're done!

Running quote wall art

For the runner who has everything, why not give them something inspirational to spot on those days when they just don't want to head out the door?

Safe Reflections reflective strips

These clever little reflective strips can be attached to clothing or backpacks to help your runner stay seen on the run. A handy, practical present.

Bose running headphones

With 24,000 positive reviews on Amazon, if the runner in your life is after a new pair of running headphones, you can't go wrong with this offering from Bose.

Runner christmas decorations

Jazz up your runners' Christmas tree with these cute decorations – because all any runner wants for Christmas is a new PB!

Reflect 360 running jacket

Shop men's

When it comes to keeping your runner safe in low light, it doesn't get much more reflective than this. A windproof, waterproof jacket with zipped pockets for all your runner's essentials.

Enertor running insoles

Slipping this ground-breaking shock-absorption tech into your shoes adds comfort on hard surfaces and may reduce your injury risk.

Garmin Forerunner 35

If you have a new runner to buy for, this clever little watch will help them seriously upgrade their training. This bestselling Garmin GPS watch crams plenty of features into an inexpensive package. It tracks the distance, speed and route of runs and monitors steps, sleep and heart rate throughout the day. Plus, it’s sleek enough to wear any time.

NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep pillow mist

There's nothing like the stress of trying to get to sleep the night before a race. This pillow mist is perfect for any runner who struggles to sleep.

KT Tape

For runners with bad knees or ankles, the gift of stabilising KT Tape can be a godsend. It’s easy to slap on and shore up creaky joints, which you’ll appreciate when you get home and aren’t laid up on the sofa.

Boot Bananas shoe deodorisers

Not only do these shoe deodorisers look amusing, they keep your runner’s shoes fresh. They'll release a natural perfume of lavender, lemon, patchouli and tea tree and are made from high-quality essential oils with antimicrobial properties.

Beware I'm Tapering t-shirt

Because if you've ever been around a runner in the weeks before a race, you'll get this joke.

Personalised London Marathon map

If you’ve run the Greatest Race In The World™, or you know someone who has, this illustrated print of the route can be personalised with a name and finishing time, making a great memento of the day.

Dr Teal’s pre & post workout epsom salts

Soak your tired, aching body in these menthol bath salts after a gruelling Sunday long run and the next day you’ll feel as if you can actually walk up the stairs rather than crawl up them.

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