Not So ‘Great’ Hulu: Because She Had To Stay Silent Before, Elle Fanning Is Reacting To The Great Being Canceled During The Strikes

 Elle Fanning as Catherine holding up a small glass in The Great.
Elle Fanning as Catherine holding up a small glass in The Great.

Now that the strikes are over, fans are able to look forward to their shows returning at some point. Unfortunately, a lot of series became casualties of the strikes. During that time, Hulu canceled satirical historical series The Great in August after three seasons, despite its solid following and Emmy nominations. There was no formal explanation for the cancellation, so it’s actually unknown if it was because of the labor disputes or if other factors were to blame. Well, regardless of the reason, following the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, lead actress Elle Fanning is finally reacting to the heartbreaking news.

The actress portrayed the titular Catherine the Great -- a fictionalized version of the Russian empress. Finally able to talk about the series again, the actress took to Instagram to share a lengthy message about her time on the show and her thoughts on the cancellation. She praised her castmates and the crew members while sharing how she thinks Catherine is doing after the series. On that front, she believes the character is “left ‘shaking it all night long’ finally stepping into the leader we always knew she would become.” The message also featured a series of photos from the set, and you can check out the sweet snapshots and the caption below:

It’s rarely easy when a show gets canceled (for those involved or the fans), especially when it’s so sudden. Season 3 of The Great premiered in May, so Hulu subscribers had already been waiting a few months for news. The waiting is definitely nerve-wracking, and chances are most of us know what it's like to sit around anxiously while awaiting the fate of a series. With Elle Fanning’s post, the cancellation is now truly starting to sink in. The Maleficent alum's social media address is definitely bittersweet, but one can definitely appreciate her outlook.

It's likely more cast members of The Great will soon take to social media to share their own messages and, photos and videos, if they haven’t already. Many actors have been promoting their work since the SAG strike ended. There's a cruel irony in being able to promote something again only for it to be scrapped, though.

As for Tony McNamara's historical dramedy, series finale ended with baffling and impressive kill. In a surprising twist, as Catherine tried to stop Nicholas Hoult’s Peter from invading Sweden, the emperor of Russia fell through ice and died. That development came after the two engaged in a deep conversation. If a fourth season had been ordered, it would've been intriguing to see how the story would've progressed in the aftermath. The couple had a rocky relationship, but Catherine having to move forward without Peter could've been entertaining.

Even though the satirical production is no more, it's still amongst some of the best original shows to stream on Hulu, as people can still watch it. There are also plenty of shows and movies similar to The Great, if fans are looking for productions with similar vibes. And in any case, I'm excited to see what Elle Fanning does next.