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Need a quirky gift? These Nostalgia Kitchen gadgets are on sale, starting at $20

toaster, ice cream maker, skillet, chocolate fountain
There is going to be a lot more carnival food in your future. (Photo: Amazon)

Grilled cheese and hot dogs — that’s the menu of our childhoods. Simple ingredients, simple tastes. Now, thanks to Amazon’s holiday deals, you can give the gift of yesteryear at a discount. The retail giant is offering up some of the quirkiest ways to make your favorite childhood meals and treats, starting at just $20.

This toaster has extra-wide slots and comes with baskets to secure your sandwiches while they toast.
$35 at Amazon

A grilled cheese sandwich is like a warm hug from grandma. It is arguably one of the best meals you can get without having to go to a restaurant, and this little gadget makes it so easy to make. Built kind of like a bagel toaster, it has extra-wide slots that fit two slices of bread. But this is no ordinary toaster — each slot has a basket that squishes bread and cheese together and keeps the sandwich secure during toasting. The toaster screams for making oozy good grilled cheese sandwiches, but you can make any other kinds of sandwich you crave. And if you’re shopping for loved ones, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

"I got one of these for a dirty Santa gift about two years ago,” shared a rave reviewer. “I thought, Wow, all I need is another appliance!! 🤨 But, I smiled. One morning I made fried egg and cheese sandwiches in it!!!! I raise chickens and have fresh eggs daily! YUM!! Anyway, my grandson had one of these fabulous treats and comes over for them on a regular basis now. I just bought him one and taught him how to fry the perfect egg. He is so excited!!! It’s a great product. I hope they never go away!!”

This Coca Cola hot dog toaster has two slots specially designed for hot dogs and two for buns. It also comes with a pair of tiny tongs for easy serving.
$25 at Amazon

If hot dogs are more your thing, this toaster can cook your frankfurter and warm your bun at the same time. With a retro diner design and the original Coca-Cola logo, this toaster has two specialized slots for hot dogs, brats or sausages plus two for the buns. It also comes with a little set of tongs to serve your dogs. So far, it’s raked in more than 3,000 five-star ratings and shoppers love it for its simplicity. And as a gift, shoppers say you can expect it to be a hit.

“Originally bought with the intention to be a white elephant gift,” reported a rave reviewer. “It was such a hit that I ended up buying three more for Christmas. Everyone who received it as a present was honestly so excited!”

Perfect for individual meals, this electric skillet has a seven-inch nonstick surface and takes about three minutes to heat up for cooking.
$20 at Amazon

You don't see electric skillets much anymore, but what handy little gadgets they are! You can fry bacon and eggs without firing up the burners on your stove.

"I love the fact that I don’t have to clean my stove top after cooking," shared a happy shopper. "I’ve used it with paper towels and/or a dish towel under while cooking. NO MESS!! Love it."

This old-fashioned ice cream maker churns out about four quarts of soft-serve ice cream or froyo.
$48 at Amazon

This old-fashioned ice cream maker only looks like the hand-crank set from your salad days. This one has a motor to churn out about four quarts of ice cream at a time.

"I absolutely love the look of this ice cream maker," shared a happy shopper. "It reminds me of the old fashion ice cream maker my grandma used to have. When I was a kid she would always have me sit on top while my dad cranked and churned the ice cream. LOL! Thankfully, with this one you get all the charm but none of the effort that the old-fashioned one required. This makes some of the best ice cream that I’ve had in years. It came out very smooth, creamy and delicious."

This three-tier chocolate fountain can hold about 24 ounces of chocolate, but you can use it for other sauces like nacho cheese or ranch dressing.
$38 at Amazon

If you have a chocolate lover on your gift list, this three-tier fountain will make every day a party.

"Every person in the party loved it and tried it," reported a happy entertainer. "There were a few kids in the party, and we got this keeping them in mind, but it became a hot spot for adults as well. We had to add more chocolate to it in between due to the demand and it ran for around three hrs without any issue."

If you're into healthy snacks, this is a hot air popper, which means it can make 12 cups of popcorn without any oil.
$50 at Amazon

With plenty of movie-watching weather ahead of us, this fun little popper will get a lot of use.

"This machine is absolutely adorable," reported an enthusiastic shopper. "It's small enough to fit on my counter. The thing not only looks really cool but works pretty good too."

This gadget lets you use your favorite hard candies to make cotton candy.
$55 at Amazon

Just about every kid in America dreams of falling into a cloud of candy at some point in their childhood. Not only is this little machine fun to use, it can stretch any of your favorite hard candy into cotton-like threads.

"My kids and I got this for a block party," wrote a rave reviewer. "We ended up making so much cotton candy with this. Even made jolly rancher cotton candy!! Sky is the limit! Just allow yourself to play around with it and in no time, you’ll be a cotton candy wizard!"

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