Norwegian Tesla owners go on 'hunger strike' to get Elon Musk to fix car faults

Tesla Hunger Strike/Cover Images

A group of disgruntled Tesla owners from Norway have gone on hunger strike in a bid to force Tesla CEO Elon Musk to listen to their complaints about their electric cars.

They launched their campaign on Saturday by starving themselves for 24 hours in a bid to capture the billionaire's attention.

"We are a group of dissatisfied Norwegian Tesla owners," the group's website reads. "We believe that if Elon Musk is made aware of our troubles, he will solve the situation."

Their complaints include vehicles that won't start and door handles that won't open in the cold. They also have general complaints about bubbles in seats, trunk lids filled with water, and yellow edges around the display screen.

Their website also lists problems with charging, lower battery life than promised, and new charging stations that do not fit older vehicles, despite promises of free lifetime charging.

They also allege that many problems are not being solved at Tesla service centres, and accuse the firm of poor customer service.

A spokesperson for the campaign said: "We want Elon Musk to reach out to us so that he can resolve these issues. We love Tesla. But for some of us, there is a lot of problems with the cars."

Norwegians own more Teslas per capita than any other country on the planet, with the owners calling themselves the "canary in the coal mine" for the world regarding the quality of the automaker's vehicles.

The strike was attended by the owners of 17 Teslas, who arranged their vehicles into the word "HELP".

Although it is unclear whether their campaign has actually caught Musk's attention, the billionaire did tweet on Sunday about how he's been "fasting periodically" and it has made him "feel healthier". Campaign organiser Erlend Morch called the comment a "cruel subtweet".